Old Rusty Mandolin / Press

"Concord's Old Rusty Mandolin held the audience captive with their mastery of both music and the stage...The audience was abuzz over what an energetic and fun show they put on."

PAGE LEGGETT - Charlotte Magazine

“Old Rusty Mandolin plays Americana, folk, and a little bluegrass in a high-energy acoustic performance.”

Charlotte On The Cheap

“Experienced beyond their years regarding venues and road-house entertainment. From the very first chord, he attacked his instrument, like he was skinning a deer in the cold autumn woods. His legs moved in rapid, random and uncontrollable ways, and he was in constant motion. His partner, sometimes on bass and sometimes on drums, was simply stupid with a relaxed confidence that never wavered. They were feral, raw, unrefined, un-diluted, they had the raw energy of one of musics greatest bands, a few years before being discovered. One had to wonder, if they hadn't been raised by wolves and wild men, from the moment they were born, being spoon-fed wack-abilly and breast-fed swamp-ass-juice. Watching them, removed 10 years of care and worry from me.." ”

Joey Shaheen/The Wrong Omar

"Old Rusty Mandolin" will BLOW you away! Their unique style and musicianship never ceases to amaze. Whether it's a cover or some great original music, I promise you'll be hearing a lot more about "Old Rusty Mandolin"!

Jack Daniel/Program Director - 106.5 THE END