JP Westbrook / Press

"We love booking JP because I never have to worry about anything"

Rod Molidor, Road Mgr for Chicago and FB Director for The Jackson Lake Lodge

"We love to book JP because he bullshits with everybody and makes them feel welcome... he's an entertainer..."

“All JP Westbrook Specialty Photography provided by David Wesley Vaughan. All Copyrights Reserved by Washoe Stump Music Group. Bearcreek Montana.”

“Working with artists and musicians can be a daunting chore for venue owners/managers. Working with JP, however, is quite the opposite. Just say a date, time and location and he'll be there, on time, ready to rock with no surprises. He is great at reading the crowd and adjusting his set list, tone and volume levels accordingly. I enjoy not only listening to JP play but also working with and promoting him as a musician.”

"JP basically adapts like a chameleon to his surroundings. He seems to know what to play at the perfect levels at the perfect time. He is a must have for any type of event, concert, or gathering. Crystal clear voice and original lyrics that make you think and enjoy!"

"Don't let JP play an Open Mic Night...He will take over the show...Don't let JP play at an Alternative Rock Bar...He will tame the crowd...Don't let JP sit down at a Piano in a loud bar...He will shut everyone up and make them listen...and sing along. And don't let JP cook for you...No seriously...don't! But DO ask JP to play 2 classic rock songs at the same time and see what happens!

Ray Miller, Program Director and Ops Manager for ESPN Radio, TK101 & KMOD Vet! - 95.3 FM Fort Smith Arkansas

“J.P.'s shared billing with The Kitchen Dwellers (2014 Telluride Winners), Toby Keith, Pat Metheny, Joe Mcbride, Troutfishing in America, The Cate Brothers, Jimmy Ponder, W.C Jameson, Chuck Berry, The Louisiana Hayride, Jed Clampit, The Hard Arnold Palmers, Tucker Smith & Steam Powered Airplane, Hazy Nation, John Kilzer, Dornan's Jackson Hole Hootnanny, Wolf & Gary, Lucious Spiller, The Bull Mountain Boys, Greg Spradlin, Joel Sonier, Judd Grossman, Eddy Raven, Maxwell Hay, Craig Payton, Zackary Breaux and many others..”

“Freshman Talent Show Winner”

"You boys have made me feel young again.." Waylon Jennings to me at Kieren Kane's ranch.

"Hope High School's own Kenny Rogers.."

"One of The Ozarks' Best Kept Secrets"

"JP Westbrook, an inventive writer with a quick wit. Able to write not only creatively, but quickly. A rarity in a field where creative output is King. Just don't play poker with him."