Marc Berger / Press

"This is not the glossy ‘singing cowboy’ style western music of the romanticised past, but gritty, cinematic tales of the real west... at timed stripped bare, at other times romantic and haunting... RIDE is a musical journey that will bring you endless listening enjoyment and experience like no other album I’ve heard this year."

““Aside from his depth of vocals, Berger takes up his acoustic guitar and joyous-sounding harmonica to bring us the incredible RIDE… strives from the very first chord struck to capture the spirit the American West – and succeeds on every level...””

“A new classic... [RIDE] should be held in regard with the writing of Harvest Moon... easily one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2012.”

"Guy Clark with more consistently memorable tunes. As much meditations on life itself as on plains life, the songs… never falter. No mistaking it, this is the good stuff, roots music infused with intelligence and wisdom."

"This is country folk music wrought by a working philosopher who's missed nothing, kept a lot inside for a time, and captured the land."

"Berger’s stark and straightforward musical evocation of the American West eschews cliché and sentiment in favor of an admirably clear-eyed honesty and reflectivity. One can almost taste the dust and feel the desolation of the wide open prairies while listening to this exquisitely harmonic gem. Accolades don’t come any better than that."

“Berger pays tribute to American West with 'Ride'”

"For many years, [Marc] did extensive traveling out west, and it was those journeys that laid the foundation for his new album, 'Ride.'"