The Soft Bombs / Press

“The Soft Bombs, as with the suggestion of the A Clockwork Orange reference in the image above may lead you to expect, on the surface deliver an ambience of calming embrace which pulls in references from synth rock and immediately on hitting play the listener knows these are a band who know how to write melodies. Although formed as a solo project back in 2010 it wasn’t long before additional players were added with the complete line-up coming together in August 2011. With expeditious writing and fusing of the keys The Soft Bombs drop in hints of psychedelia which adds to the brushed compositions. Whilst it is all very calming on the surface there is an underlying tension which gives the music a sense of menace that adds much to the value of the material. This is music to take in long draughts as the more it flows so the brain floats into the space, entranced by the movements contained within the tracks. A new LP – Altered Sierra – is scheduled for release in 2014”

“The Soft Bombs explode with new fresh music built on a classic rock foundation. This is the type of adult contemporary rock album that multiple generations of listeners can enjoy together. A full band of shredding drums, bass, keyboards and guitars, this is a true treat in genuine rock tradition. Fans of Muse, Supergrass, the Jefferson Starship and the Flaming Lips will all want to quickly add The Soft Bombs to their favorites. Track #2 Midnight – This track is a full sounding rocker with an upbeat hook. You will find yourself wanting to sing along with the jangly guitars and deep vocals that create layers of rock ‘n’ roll happiness for anytime of day or night. Track #9 Leave Me Out – This song shows yet another side of the versatile Bombs. A rich tapestry of sound with sweet streams of melody, instrumental intertwining with vocals. You can escape any stress of the world with this song. Reviewed by June Caldwell, http://www.radio-media.com”

"The Soft Bombs’ new album 'Embrace The Light' continues the psych-pop journey they started with their wonderful self-titled first release. Originally the brainchild of guitarist & vocalist Michael Padilla, this sophomore effort shows a band that is clearly becoming a unified force and delivers quite a kick to say the least. Some songs harken back to the explosive improvisations of vintage Syd Barrett at his peak in the Floyd days. Others bring to mind reflections of Robyn Hitchcock and Julian Cope, yet the band rocks with all the pop splendor of what Ric Ocasek’s Cars could have been had they not lost their edge. Eclectic, eccentric and most wonderful, Embrace The Light raises the bar considerably for this young band that is clearly full of great promise for the future, yet delivers more than enough immediate pleasures for the present. Highly recommended."

““You don’t know The Soft Bombs? Change that. The quartet from California performed at the Sunset on Saturday night with all the groovy mood lighting you’d hope for from a band with an amazing, bewitching, trippy ’60s sound. I enjoyed every bit of their set. I honestly wish this band lived in Seattle because they’d go over so well here. But enough about relocating entire bands. The Soft Bombs might be placed in that dream rock genre, but I’m going to put them in a brainwave genre. Their songs move along in all those small and large synapses, pleasurably rearranging them all. “Late Love” completely hit the spot. Get their debut, The Soft Bombs, and prepare yourself for their second release, which they’re working on right now.” ”

“Radio Interview 05.01.2011 KVMR 89.5fm Nevada City, CA”