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“Howard Lawrence is one of a kind in the indie music scene. Both his first album, The Enemy Inside, and the new one, Running After Midnight, touch on a number of genres with very appealing results. On Running After Midnight Lawrence ups his game to reveal a dark, brooding yet highly entertaining musical tale. Chronicling a damaged war veteran through his substance abuse issues and various trials and tribulations, we are presented with a concept album of sorts. The music is a robust, fragrant, trippy musical stew with flavors of prog and pastels of electronica. Vocally Howard Lawrence reminds me of latter day Ian Anderson. It is difficult to single out individual songs to highlight, as you will certainly be playing Running After Midnight from start to finish and pressing repeat. This is an album that has great depth in the sonic palette. Check out Howard Lawrence folks and buy his stellar albums, The Enemy Inside and Running After Midnight. Highly recommended!”

Frank Smith - Amazon.com Reviews

“Wow, the new Howard Lawrence album is astounding! Yet again he shows his mastery for unraveling the human condition. This tale is about an ex-soldier; he’s on the downside, questioning his original motives for enlisting and leaving behind all that he had cared for. Now back in civilian life and suffering with PTSD, he’s trying to cope, to re-prioritize and rebuild his life and former relationships. During the process he starts to raise serious questions about what motivates politicians to enact war in the first place. On the face of it this makes a highly current and relevant storyline. HL has the ability to portray the story through songs with complex multi-layered melodic passages. It’s a rare talent, and something Roger Waters fans would adore.”

Robin Youlton - CD Baby Reviews

“Howard Lawrence has done it again with Running After Midnight. It takes you on a journey to Mars and back, with a lot of truth and universality in between. Musically, Howard gives us what we expect: very creative electronica, with badass beats, and catchy melodies, along with his distinct, wonderfully nasal delivery. It's the themes he touches upon that really make Mr. Lawrence a giant. He hits you in the heart and mind: the inevitability of death, solitude, dysfunction, loneliness, and paranoia. Also, though, it is the survival instinct that is a big part of his message. You've got to be tough and stealthy to overcome the ones who "pick out the easy meat with their eyes closed." Therefore, you have to overcome, or come to grips with, a rough upbringing... like Howard implies in "Thanks4thinkiname," and Lou Reed so aptly sang, "You can't always trust your mother," so how can you trust your leaders. Howard is a brave artist, who brings you what you want and what you need.”

derinho - CD Baby Reviews

“If you put Pink Floyd, The Doors, and Jethro Tull into a blender you might end up with a musical cocktail that sounds something like Howard Lawrence. In an industry that's dominated with cookie-cutter, sound-alike "artists," Howard Lawrence stands out as being a true original. With brilliant songwriting, performances, and production, I highly recommend both of Howard's albums- The Enemy Inside and Running After Midnight... both are definite "must-haves" for anyone that loves real Art Rock.”

Chris Martinez - CD Baby Reviews

“Wow, truly surreal and imaginative stuff! If there's one thing I love, it's original music and you have it by the truckload! Thanks & safe travels... PhilM.”

Earth Horse - ReverbNation

“Every now and then I run across a genius here at RN and Howard, you're one of them. The music, videos, your masterful use of metaphors... simply brilliant!”

Arnold Heston - ReverbNation

“I spent the weekend listening to my brand new Howard Lawrence The Enemy Inside CD, which arrived on Friday in all of its shrink-wrapped glory! I have to say, in a world of fast food and microwave ovens, Howard Lawrence and his music stand alone, at least to me, as a reminder of a better time; a better world of art and expression. This is the way music was meant to be written. Brilliant lyrics and spot-on production! With a deeper listen you begin to understand the story that waits for you. The true experience begins here! It plays like a good book; each chapter bringing you closer, all wrapped up and pulling for your hero. I almost shot to the last song to see how it ends! You should buy this CD, wrap yourself up with a cup of tea and a great story. My friend, Howard Lawrence, King of D.C.”

John Cheney - ReverbNation

“Time to put on the headphones, hit play all, close my eyes and prepare for "Mars Landing." The music of Howard Lawrence is always fresh and entertaining, filled with intelligent, meaningful lyrics and Howard's unmistakable vocals. Do yourself a favor and check out both The Enemy Inside and Running After Midnight albums by this truly unique artist.”

Juice Cannon - ReverbNation

“Hey, my friend. Stopped by to listen to "Far From Heaven." This is some epic music. A really amazing song. Some unique singing. I hear elements that remind me of a lot of different people. Awesome track. A lot of talent made this happen. TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT.”

Christopher Wearstler | The Nonsense Buffer of ANN - ReverbNation

“Howard Lawrence will take you on a journey that will have you teeterin on the brink of madness. With influences ranging from Jethro Tull to Pink Floyd and fuzed with HL's creative style, this is one ride you won't want to miss!!!!!”

Lost Generation - ReverbNation

“Running After Midnight is filled with the musical GENIUS that only Howard can produce! His madness is totally captivating in both the lyrical content as well as the intriguing instrumentation! Take a ride through this journey of incredible theatrical madness! Each track mesmerizingly leads so effortlessly into the next! BRILLIANT!!”

Joey Pliskin - iTunes Reviews

“I can't get enough of Howard Lawrence's Running After Midnight & The Enemy Inside, both albums are brilliant in every way, every word, every melody...Brilliant!”

Juice Cannon - ReverbNation

“The Enemy Inside is a truly great piece of work... like a modern day "the wall"... a concept album, but with lyrics that are so personal and universal. musically, the album is quite diverse and complex... never boring, that's for sure... it begs for more than one listen... and his vocals are reminiscent of wall of voodoo... howard lawrence is what art is all about.”

derinho - CD Baby Reviews

“The incomparable Howard Lawrence provides the listener with a treasure trove of mind-bending delicacies. Powerfully profound, each song is a full-length film from the ears to the mind.”

Rob Rylett - ReverbNation

“This is alternative rock theatre at its absolute best! I've been eagerly awaiting Howard's latest album, Running After Midnight, and after listening to the rough mixes here on ReverbNation, I'm blown away again - 5 stars!”

Juice Cannon - ReverbNation

“Finally made it through all new songs. Must say your 'performed by' as mentioned in About > Members nails it best for you really perform, especially on "Hypnosis For Theatre." Excellent job, Howard. ~ k.”

kloudworks - ReverbNation

“Thoughtful and entertaining music and lyrics. Running After Midnight is reflective of the genius that is Howard Lawrence!”

G William Boyd - iTunes Reviews

“I'm Back!!! My friend, you are a true poet and masterful storyteller. One epic composition after the next. Unbridled lyrical expertise coupled with honest, free flowing musical anthems. Thrilled to have found you. Your enormous fan, Jerry”

Jeremiah Ruiz - ReverbNation

“Howard! Your entire front playlist is just packed full of new explosions to the ear! Running After Midnight is going to be incredible! 'I want to live like the king who stole the crown!'...LOVE it! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“The Enemy Inside video totally captures the lyrics--GREAT collab, Howard! Anyone who hasn't viewed it yet, gotta give it a play! GREAT site here, rockin the ride all the way thru!”

Joey Pliskin - ReverbNation

“It's so refreshing to see someone keeping the concept album tradition alive, and doing it so well. Indeed, you can hear a little Ian Anderson and Frank Zappa in the vocals--but that's pretty good company to keep...Great music; I'll be back...”

Mark Lynch - ReverbNation

“Uhm... #1 is EXACTLY where you should be... Your lyrics, your sound, your style - BRILLIANT!”

Emerging Human - ReverbNation

“Howard is a master musician, a perfect combination of intellectual, meaningful lyrics, an efficient voice that reaches out, amazing groove and psychedelically colored songs which make music a beautiful journey...and most importantly, a very superior quality of production!! All the best Howard...salutes to u”

Redemption Creed - ReverbNation

“Howard Lawrence's musical imagination runs wild in a very thoughtful and disciplined way (if such a statement is even remotely possible). It's the only way I can think of to describe and encapsulate this eclectic and extremely entertaining series of compositions. Howard's musings are fuel for other storytellers to absorb and feed upon. Go Howard, go!”

Richard Ruttenberg - ReverbNation

“'Running after midnight when the lights burn out'...really love the lyrics to this Howard masterpiece! 'Live like the king who stole the crown'...Genius! ~ 'JD' ~ R:oD”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“When insightful poetry meets powerful music.... together it has the ability to move the listener to a new world, opening the mind and the soul to the undiscovered and that is what we as the audience should be looking and listening for. Howard Lawrence is that artist. Immerse yourself into this experience.”

Bob Rylett - ReverbNation

“Hey Howard. Checking out some of the new tracks and loving them. Searching for a positive adjective to describe "Tachycardia," but all seem inadequate. The word "genius" has been done to death on your comments page already, so I won't bother with that one either. Errm, what hasn't already been said by your many fans? "Music of amazing fractal complexity formed from the chaotic gathering of Howard Lawrence's missing marbles." Big RESPECT. Back soon, buddy. Best..........Nejjy.”

Richard Nejman - ReverbNation

“Rockin' out (yes..I said Rockin') to "Tachycardia"...it's my mood today...but I'm grabbing everything else I can get on here. You are too precious to leave early :-)”

Delaney Simpson - ReverbNation

“The Enemy Inside video is perfect! Well done, Howard and Robin :)”

Juice Cannon - ReverbNation

"Mars Landing"--SPECTACULAR! "Hole In The Wall"--absolute masterfully written, as expected. It's like I'm sitting in the audience at a play on Broadway listening to ur tracks. Ur lyrics and the music surrounding them--WOW!! Curtain opens.....Howard, is the play written before the lyrics/music or the lyrics/music before the play? Every track on each album threads together smoothly--Art Rock at its finest here!

Joey Pliskin - ReverbNation

“Ok, this takes me to a whole different level when I kick back, close my eyes and play through all the tracks together! Rock on! Dude, I need this on vinyl. Your world is truly a sacred place Howard! My goodness, how long does it take you to write a song? It's crazy how seamless it all seems with all you have going on! It's brilliant!”

John Cheney - ReverbNation

“Absolutely fantastic album! Totally solid, original sound! Lyrics that hit home! Instrumentation/vocals Killer! The Enemy Inside plays like a Broadway musical! The instrumentation so eloquently wraps around the vocals! Every track threads together smoothly—Art Rock at its absolute finest! A def Must Have in every music library!”

Joey Pliskin - Amazon.com Reviews

“Starting my Friday in a Howard Lawrence state of mind. "Trigonometry"--a song as complex as the math. Love the little break about 2 and a half mins in...never saw it comin. Everything's unpredictable; it's like organized chaos. And btw, I really think you should start a music column. Your comments are as poetically intellectual as are your songs, and they display the fact that you don't just listen--you hear. Anyone who has not crossed paths with Howard Lawrence is sadly deprived. Your support is greatly appreciated...in other words, you rock, dude! :-)”

John Lewis - ReverbNation

“Fantastic tracks here, Howard...they flow beautifully together, and all embrace an interesting style blending funky art rock with some traces of Bowiesque soulfulness, but all loaded with great hooks and deep, rich melodies. And while it all comes from the same concept project, it's great that each tune I heard stands on its own. Enjoyed the story in The Enemy Inside...nice introspective lyricism.”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“It's great to come across someone as talented as you Howard. This is brilliant, progressive music with philosophical lyrics. Top quality production and arrangements... loved it!!!”

Paul Dunn - Songwriter - ReverbNation

“Sometimes "The Enemy Inside" takes me "Miles Away." I always seem to be very "Far From Heaven." Not today, Nooootttt today. Today I'm here listening to a wonderful lyricist and musician. ...=_=...”

MaryAnn - ReverbNation

“Howard, fabulously creative, unique sound and style! Shades of Interpol in your vocals. Lyrics flow so easily and expressively embarking visual imagery in the listener. Music is complexly arranged and intriguing. Fantastic all the way around!”

Spare Me Felix - ReverbNation

“The mesmerizing truth of "Color Blindness." Delivered with incredible wit and clarity. "Right From Wrong"...I wish more humans were not for sale. Howard is the voice of sanity in an insane world. MUST LISTEN and MUST LEARN. "Boiling Point"…I could be that kid at the start..."The Enemy Inside"..."The Truth"..."Far from Heaven"...I think we all feel that. Clarity, truth and life with a beat! Genius at work here…”

Scrumpy the Flea - ReverbNation

“Subject: Howard Lawrence!..MindScape: My True Valentine!..Results: Brilliant!..After Effects: Lingering Madness!..Mission: Complete..Exit: Sur Rod”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“Your music is wonderful Howard and your lyrics are so deep. I love "Surfing Into Madness." I imagine your music to be much like what The Doors would be writing if they were still up and running today....madness…madness…madness...deeply hypnotic”

Delaney Simpson - ReverbNation

“The video of "Far From Heaven" holds your attention from start to finish. The storyline is perfectly mirrored in the highest quality, an excellent production :)”

Fiona MacMahon - ReverbNation

"Surfing Into Madness:" my Howard Lawrence trip for the evening. Every tune here is an unpredictable journey. The phrasing and vocal keys always seem to take a left when you thought they were going right but it WORKS and forms this psychedelic road trip straight out of a seemingly twisted yet obviously brilliant mind. Surfing into madness is more than a song title, it's the theme here and I love it.

John Lewis - ReverbNation

“Gotta get this weekend started with the Theatrical Madness of Howard Lawrence!! Read thru the lyrics in these masterpieces--BRILLIANT!!! U ROCK, man! Have a ROCKIN Friday!”

Joey Pliskin - ReverbNation

“Howard, you've captured my attention and imagination. I'm wired in to your sound now and am studying you. Your songwriting style is both refreshing and dangerous. Your musical mind seems to wander but it is all by design. This is a true gift. This is exactly what makes you great. You find your way through mine fields of sugar and pears and it is a delicious mix. I'm already on song number three and cannot wait to hear where you'll take me now.”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - ReverbNation

“It is soo rare,, to find a page,, like this.. 2.5 million to choose from,, and yet,, here,, Pick a song,, any song(: And get ready to Rock(:* What a kool list of creativity! Suweet! Krayg out..”

Krayg - ReverbNation

“WOW..."Far From Heaven" just blew my mind in that way the work of Mr. Lawrence always seems to do...very intense topic you brought to light with that song in your typical smart, unique, and mega-talented way...and big props to Chris for capturing the essence of the tune and accompanying it with the brilliant story line visuals...awesome stuff bro some of your best to date in my opinion...always a joy venturing over here to Howardville”

John Lewis - ReverbNation

“I want to live like the king who stole the crown! Love it!..."Running After Midnight" is spectacular! Your songs are like storytelling in its finest form! The narrator just happens to be a mad genius by the name of Howard Lawrence! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“Let's be a little bit honest here... Nothing I could possibly write would be anywhere near as lovely as your comment, much less useful or insightful. I choose, then, to remain laconic and simply say, "I love you". Technically, I love your hat but since it refuses to leave without you, I love you by extension. ...And your music. And I wish there were many more like you. Perhaps with the occasional Bowler or Tyrolian, or maybe even a good old fashioned Stetson. Just so that I can tell you all apart. But you, my friend, will remain the consummate musician amongst peers.”

Malcolm Ian Connell - ReverbNation

“dude... miles away is a great piece of art, bro... you are a hell of a poet... you are a complete original... the flute sound is perfect... your big fan da boi d”

derinho - ReverbNation

“In from NashVegas for some "Schizophrenia" from the most twisted genius that you can't help but love! His tunes dare to push sanity to its breaking point! ~ Rod aka James Dean ~”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“When it comes to creativity and style, Howard Lawrence is leading the pack. With this arsenal of tunes LOCKED & LOADED, he's ready to engage the world "D.C. Style"!!!!”

Lost Generation - ReverbNation

“The U.S. have their very own Ian Anderson...his name is Howard Lawrence. And the music...all the right influences mixed into a unique, exquisite bundle of originality.”

Richard Nejman - ReverbNation

“Wow Howard! The new video Far From Heaven really takes the song to a whole new visual level...I thought I saw Chris in it! Loved it from beginning to end credits! Superb work! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“Every musician enjoys a compliment... recognition for something personal they've decided to share... but when that compliment comes from an individual whose own talents lie not only in the incredibly unique, intensly SMART, well put together and unpredictable songs they create, but also in their uncanny ability to critique the work of others and put into words an eloquent summary description nothing short of poetic, then that compliment is that much more meaningful, respected and appreciated. I've said it before, Howard Lawrence doesn't just listen to music, he hears it, whether it's done in a conscious effort or natural gift, and it shows not only in his words but in the magical sounds we are fortunate enough to have had him share right here on this page. Thanx for the support, Howard... u rock dude.”

John Lewis - ReverbNation

“Howard's latest masterpiece "Boiling Point" is a brilliant and chilling commentary on the disturbed and desensitized youth of today. The music is composed with passion and executed with precision and the words will send chills up your spine..."Boiling Point" is a must listen for all!”

Zeus Rooster - ReverbNation

“The Enemy Inside music video is a tour de force folks. Howard Lawrence delivers the truth that few artists recognize or dare to chronicle. Robin Youlton's music video fits the tune perfectly. Musical genius! Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith - ReverbNation

“With the mind-numbing chill of "Absolute Zero," the intoxicating "Water Over Wine," and the strikingly intricate melodies of "Ramshackled," Howard continues to captivate the senses with his latest masterworks.”

Dry Martinez - ReverbNation

"Punishing Hard Drive" is filling my cranium with dark, melodic splendor and "Hole In The Wall" is an exotic, fragrant stew indeed. Great song. Perfect mix and arrangement. No one delivers the musical goods and tells the cold, hard truth like Howard Lawrence. Frank Smith

Sills & Smith - ReverbNation

“You are like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen combined. Your deep sweet tell it like it is music has such an intense hold on the imagination and moves the spirit! Love to ya, Sal”

Salariatus - ReverbNation

"Hole In The Wall" - WOW!! Howard never ceases to amaze me with his vision of musical expression!! Unique and stunning!!

Seven Days - ReverbNation

“I'm currently being swept "Miles Away" from my dreary Saturday afternoon...such an epic and ethereal song Howard Lawrence; who just happens to be one of the best musicians and nicest guys on ReverbNation...period!!”

Paul Bibbins - ReverbNation

“When it comes to music, Howard is a soundtrack! Everytime my playlist hits his music, its like watching a movie in my head! The songs are colorful, the instrumentation is amazing which all compliment the smooth sound of the vocals so well! I encourage you to listen to all the songs together and you'll see what I'm talking about:) Sounds a lot like Frank Zappa...and that's cool!!! I like the description - "Alternative Rock Theatre!" That is what you get here...alternative rock music with a true visual presence!”

Present Days Bliss - ReverbNation

"Far From Heaven"...what a song, a story, a musical saga this is! So many quiet boys in the world. You nailed this message down! Bang! With the hammer of a master! Beautiful and sad. I will continue to explore your now confirmed magical world! Love and Peace, Sal

Salariatus - ReverbNation

“Enjoying your most original work, especially "Trigonometry." Really great!!:) Superb production and sound too, the complete package!! I'm really enjoying your lyrics. "They put more faith in tanks and guns, and kiss the crosses around their necks." I agree completely. Brilliant. Every song deserves full listening attention. "Far From Heaven" really says it as it is, some people certainly do dig trenches in order to survive. Howard is a true original!!:)”

Fiona MacMahon - ReverbNation

"Tachycardia" - WOW!! Howard just keeps getting better on each tune!! LOVE that "Peter Gunn" groove and the vocals are flat out AWESOME!! MAGIC!!

Seven Days - ReverbNation

“WOW!! Howard is stunningly awesome with these tracks!! SO unique and cool to listen to!! 7 HUGE LIKES!! "Schizophrenia" is such a unique tune, it defies any genre we know... but commands its own. A master craftsman of imagination!!”

Seven Days - ReverbNation

“Me & Sister Vain have come to Howard's Theatre of Rock and what a show!!! "Schizophrenia" is so wild, so intense, and so damn good! Encore Howard! ~ Ro:D”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“Having lost power for quite a spell due to Hurricane Sandy, I found myself sitting in the dark many a cold night thinking one thing and one thing only: How much longer can I handle not being able to listen to this organized chaotic madness that lulls me off to sleep like a dark and gentle sandman cloaked in warm, comforting psychosis, taking me by the hand toward a deranged yet warm and peaceful slumber? OK, perhaps that is not entirely made of truth, but I WILL say that, along with heat, light, hot water, and the ability to keep food from turning into busy lil nourishing habitats for maggots, it is quite refreshing to be back amongst these audio vibrations of brilliance. Hope all is well my friend. The new material is nothing short of ingenious. In short, "You rock, dude." ;-)”

John Lewis - ReverbNation

“Howard Lawrence's songs are like scenes from a movie! Directed, written & performed by a madman genius! "Boiling Point" and "Digital Scream Attack" are glimpses into his mad-genius mind! You put the art in rock, Howard! Love the way your music has a theme that links each song together! You're quite the Renaissance Man!!! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

"Trigonometry"...love the strat sound riffing in the intro, the lyrics are beyond comparison, sarcastic and theatrical and hopeful too, the melody and voice 100% on the vehicle!!! Great chord changes, arrangement, sounds...Prog rock at it's best!!!

Vincent Pablo - ReverbNation

“I recommend that everyone read your bio section before hitting the Play All tab. Lots of thought went into this music and there is a story behind it all. The Enemy Inside is a 12-song adventure that is broken up into 3 categories (Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure). Brings to mind works like Tommy and The Wall...Very Clever !!! ~ Foxman”

Foxman - ReverbNation

“Absolutely fantastic music! Totally solid, original sound! Lyrics that hit home! Instrumentation/vocals killer!! Ur psychedelic alternative sound is unmatched by anyone here on RN, Howard! "Surfing Into Madness"--cool track! Intro ROCKS! Great arrangement--vocals/instrumentation--WOW! Gotta play thru the deep tracks here!”

Joey Pliskin - ReverbNation

“Wow. This is modern day Pop - Zappa!!! Badass musicianship coupled with thought provoking lyrics!!! Never thought I'd hear this kind of music get written anymore. Bravo!!! Wishing you much success :) - OD”

Otto's Daughter - ReverbNation

"Boiling Point" paints a disturbing picture of the modern psychopath-alienated, lonely, desperate! And the typical brainless media reaction to the almost daily occurrences of their senseless acts of violence caused by this alienated person. Brilliant Howard! Truly brilliant! Sal

Salariatus - ReverbNation

“Howard "Surfing Into Madness" Lawrence is a Black Panther prowling the jungle of sound with stealth and precision at all times. His compositions sneak up on you and before you know it, your very own aura is in his lyrical grasp and you find yourself offering up your ears as a willing feast to his hungry brilliance. He wins. You follow...and gladly, too. Howard's musical imagination is rooted in storytelling. He paints the canvas with beautiful musical colors and and it is always framed with an interesting story. As we all know from art class, the frame makes the painting! A brilliant and smart artist...”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - ReverbNation

“Genius arrangements. "The Enemy Inside" is deep. Also I have to tell--I see your comments all over the Nation. You have an amazing way with words and an amazing ability to critique. You should be a music columnist, LOL. Have a good day, my friend.”

John Lewis - ReverbNation

“A fascinating story can be found in every one of these mind-blowing tunes by Howard Lawrence...Musical Excellence! Howard is one of a kind, his unique music and thought-provoking lyrics takes us all on a journey through different styles...simply BRILLIANT!”

Juice Cannon - ReverbNation

“I´m sorry, Howard....but I´m not likin´this.......( I f***in LOVE it!!) "Ramshackled" is pure genius, mister! Flute and all, simple cymbal-stroke.... no -don´t worry - my next syllables wont be "awesome" ;) Instead THIS: "OOpla said the dwarf - looking up to the world - I´m not really a Giant - who could have known?" - I´m looking up at Howard Lawrence Right Now! And I´m feeling kind of dwarf-like.......”

Joe Jaunty - ReverbNation

"Boiling Point" describes a boiling point in the western Modern World, with lyrics that cut like the sharpest knife, blending theatrical narration, hard reality and Art, the way Howard knows so well!!!! Great new piece of modern world's scene...A fantastic soundtrack for a movie...Hats Off!!!

Vincent Pablo - ReverbNation

“Dope music, eclectic and enticing, inciting and inviting. Love the arrangements. Zappa would be proud his influence lives on. Love it.”

Grapefruit Clinton (ACG) - ReverbNation

“I'm not sure if there is a day goes by I don't play all of Howard's songs! Captivating and dynamic storytelling! Songs just bring you to life by taking you on a journey through many emotions! Its doesn't get much better than this! Musical storytelling that automatically paints a visual!”

Present Days Bliss - ReverbNation

“I absolutely love "Suicide Mission," Howard. As usual, dynamic, wonderfully effective, and inspired music coupled with lyrics that stab with the truth! You are a post-modern, urban Shakespeare, my friend!! Sal”

Salariatus - ReverbNation

“Back for "Miles Away." Hooray for single malt scotch! Brilliant stuff. Buy The Enemy Inside. It's one amazing musical journey. Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith - ReverbNation

“This is some of the best stuff we've heard on RN or anywhere in awhile. You're the bees knees. Great words. Seriously.”

Green Lion - ReverbNation

“Excellent tracks!!!!! Cool and creative. From the first note of "Far From Heaven," to the last note of "Moon Over Man." Our favorite: "Right From Wrong."”

Lost Generation - ReverbNation

“Enjoying "Miles Away." Impressive how this song moves and shifts and seems to deny any pattern one's ears might expect next. Love this particular line that reminds me of this unique Tull phrasing. Great work Howard! ~ kappi”

kloudworks - ReverbNation

“This is a phenomenal achievement, so much depth and musicality - pure genius!”

Rhesus Monkey - ReverbNation

“Fantastic music. I love your approach...extremely well written music, smart lyrics, and the music is performed superbly! Bravo!”

Dry Martinez - ReverbNation

“Incredible music. Love the depth, very thought provoking. ~Definitely flavored with awesome sound and style...it's my pleasure listening in~”

Cynthia Danne - ReverbNation

"The Enemy Inside"...awesome sophisticated song...this Ian Anderson spirit on vocals, it's a pleasure to listen to...great lyrics and lovely sounds overall.

Vincent Pablo - ReverbNation

“Very clever lyrics, with an unmistakable originality that you don't see too much of these days. Absolutely brilliant work here:<)”

Rob Swanson - ReverbNation

“I can only say this about a few musicians/bands that I've heard lately, but each every one of your songs that I've listened to so far is SIMPLY FANTASTIC...pure creativity, groove, and that SOUND!! You definitely made the right choice to get back into music after those many lifetimes.”

Paul Bibbins - ReverbNation

"Far From Heaven"...awesome composition and Anderson vibe vocals...wonderful music...a real pleasure each and every time I visit.

Vincent Pablo - ReverbNation

“Drifting "Miles Away" in an ocean full of inspiring melodies, rhythmical patterns and sounds. Love your unique sound, Howard. Love the passion in your performance. This is quite a special and original place here. All the best ~ kappi”

Ships Of Gold - ReverbNation

“Howard, Your music is seriously awesome art, and you are awesome brother! KA-BOOOOOOOM!”

THE TIME BOMB - ReverbNation

“Hello Howard, I really appreciate and enjoy your sense of music creation. The music to "The Truth" is pretty sweet, and the lyrics speak to all searching for...the truth! Excellent job.”

Emanuel David - ReverbNation

"Surfing Into Madness" - wow! Starts out with a new age soothing sound, builds from there to folk, then to rock. Awesome tune. Cool title too!

NO RESERVE! - ReverbNation

“Awesome Howard...can hear a bit of Lou Reed along with the Floydian influence...fantastic songs, production and delivery...look forward to returning for more...Kind regards Gary Dobbin”

Tank 7even - ReverbNation

“What a journey, travelling from Frank Zappa to Jethro Tull using the Pogues' boat, Merci Howard pour cette experience enrichissante! Cheers from New Caledonia end-of-earth.”

Bath mats - ReverbNation