1/2 Mad Poet / Press

"Self-classified as a mixture of funk, blues, metal, folk-alternative and punk, the sound leaves you at a loss for description."

The Liberty Press - Wichita, Kansas

"It's not unusual to be pulled from a free-form jazz right into the frenzied feel of punk- similar to the plot twists and turns of a good suspense film."

The Wichita State University Sunflower - Wichita, Kansas

"The all-female group takes punk to a new level..."

Nuvo - Indianapolis, IN

"If Joan Jett and Ani DiFranco had a baby, 1/2 Mad Poet is what you would get."

GoGirlsMusic.com - Houston, TX

"Wildly swinging from one end of the musical spectrum to the other-recommended if you like Concrete Blonde, 4 Non Blondes, The Donnas"

CD Baby

"Part Michelle Malone, part Patty Smythe"

www.localsmusic.com - Chicago, IL

"1/2 Mad Poet are a tough, hard rock band."

Night Spots - "Streetwalking with Sukie"- Chicago, IL

"...crushing grrl power with Pop and Metal edges..."

CityBeat - Cincinnati, Ohio