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“DestinationDawn Featured in Shoals Beat Magazine Alternative Music Top Five Artist Pick”

"I am absolutely entranced by your music. It has the same ethereal, otherworldly quality as Portishead with the spiritual vibes of a Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde) or, dare I say it, Stevie Nicks. Amazing stuff!!"

- Tom Hallett Music Journalist Round The Dial/Elmore Magazine - Fan from Reverbnation

“When I listen to your music and close my eyes, I feel like escaping this planet a space ship. Truly, the immersive feeling that builds when listening to you is so very strong. One day, the message you deliver will be found inside this space ship, when the passengers already have become dust. Whoever will enter the ship floating empty in space, will still find your recordings, and I hope they will carry the message on to new planets and civilizations and make it in time, that those worlds would not follow us in our mistakes. ”

4DistanceX - Artist on Reverbnation

“like your style and how you get that special feeling across. Great landscape of sounds/voices. Your Extremely a very talented lady!”

Wayne's S.R - Artist on Reverbnation

“Great style.Reminds us of Blondie crossing the Pet Shop Boys...Congrats on the number #1 position.”

Band O Matic - Band from Reverbnation

“Know you are appreciated/admire. You're very talented and your songs are filled with great spirit in heart... and thats you”

Wayne Sanelli - Artist on Reverbnation

“You are so comforting and kind You have a quietness, a gentleness of mind. With pure delight. Your peaceful insight Brightens me And Enlivens me”

The Talismen - Artist on Reverbation

“Feel good...great music...Very innovative and rapped around your creative talented persona/You! Fantastic!!”

Reviewguy - Reverbnation

“Dance: Hit the Dance Floor - Is another unique song. I enjoy the perky instrumentation and your signature sound. I like the basic concept of the song. Entertaining and wide spectrum of colors in there”

Wayne Sanelli - Artist on Reverbnation

“Loved the rainbow of sounds on "Somewhere,Someday" Very nice!”

John Revitte - Artist on Reverbnation

“Gifted artist with a big huge talent. Sounding splendid and big.”

Liquidtip - Artist on Reverbnation

“Destination of great music...great sounds and solid landscape and brilliant sounds...What a passion/artist you are!”

Sick Leave - Faith - Fan on Reverbnation

“Cosmic consciousness! Transcendental Musification Inner Sanctum Vibrations Total Peace & Love”

The Talismen - Artist from Reverbnation

“Well your one of those "unique" artists. Great blend of sorts.. being sounds.. melodies... styles... an innovative artist of magnitude from one corner of the planet to the next. Great sound. Train Wreck is excellent!”

Wayne Sanelli - Artist from Reverbnation

“Impressed by your beautiful music and the amazing life changing message you are spreading through your music! You are truly gifted and inspired! May God keep blessing you and others through you as you do His wonderful work!”

Melissa Buys - Artist from Reverbnation

“Fragile - Is just what I wanted to hear. I like the way you dish that song out in your own unique style. I like the backing instruments and the song has a lovely under tone. Your extremely talented”

Wayne's S.R - Artist on Reverbnation

“Some of the most creative and unique music I've ever heard ! Lovely Vocals !”

Sean / Raquel's Boy - Artist from Reverbnation

“Ethereal is exactly the term I would give your music. Very sublime, very unique.”

Phonican - Artist from Reverbnation

"Destination Dawn" -how enigmatic! Love the dreamy layered sounds with a vocal that matches. Like the vids as well. There's some talented production here.

Paul Butler - Artist from Reverbnation

“Very unique and mesmerizing. Always cool to hear something fresh and different.”

Tempting Zen - Artist from Reverbnation

“Very musical and melodic. Dreamy and psychadelic. This is truly original stuff!”

Jordan Reyne - Artist from Reverbnation

“Wicked production! just pure awesome!”

Wizards of Zen - Artist from Reverbnation

“a Vision of what reality is to one, is now that of the many who take the time to breathe in the creative mesmerizing musical beauty of this gifted woman...continue on the road of the passion that dwells within you to the success that lies before you with open arms. Always ~~ Kat Stramara”

Uptown Girls - Artist from Reverbation

“WOW!!!...DestinationDawn is my new destination for beautiful music. DestinationDawn is proof that great music is alive and well.... I'm diggin the vibe.”

Roy Cunningham - Artist from Reverbnation

“Awesome tunes here.. very ethereal and eclectic with a mix of trance..”

Sean T. Music - Artistist from Reverbnation

“Really pretty music... Feels like waves of audio mescaline inducing a rush of dream like visions :)”

The Retinal Circus - Artist from Reverbnation

“Nice... the battle between the flesh and the spirit. Not many people are aware let alone focus upon this phrase. America is a hard place to work this out.”

Inconsequential - Artist from Reverbnation

“Talk about enchanting!”

Petula Beckles - Artist from Reverbnation

“Wow....awesome tunes you have going on here....great vocals and a very ethereal quality to the music! Puts you in another dimension!”

Crosstie Walkers - Artist from Reverbnation

“("Love like a Trainwreck")Really unique sound for your music. Ethereal openness, meets a splash of hip-hop, mixed in with great keys and whimsical guitars. Really cool...”

The Better Half - Artist from Reverbnation

“Very beautiful music. So relaxing and touching. Your music simply soothes the restless soul. ”

Whitt - Artist from Reverbnation

“...interesting songs with theatrical & visual atmosphere, the ghosts of some influence sometimes appear then disappear under your strong originality !!”

Marc Ceccotti - Artist from Reverbnation

“From another world and back to earth with freestyle fairy music with a punk edge... a bit Siouxie and the Banshees and Sinead. Love her!”

“I am absolutely entranced by your music. It has the same ethereal, otherworldly quality as Portishead with the spiritual vibes of a Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde) or, dare I say it, Stevie Nicks. Amazing stuff!!”

Tom Hallett Music Journalist Round The Dial/Elmore Magazine - Fan from Reverbnation

“Very soothing and hypnotic presence in your music. I am captured. love your music!”

ACE PLAYER - Fan from Reverbnation

“Brilliant songs, love the ethereal and theatrical quality..very epic!”

Technological Sun - Artist from Reverbnation

“Tres cool, DestinationDawn! Your music reminds us of one of our favourites here in France, the gritty, edgy Mademoiselle K.”

LingoLyrics - n from Reverbnation

“Love your voice...love your music...Love your mixes...Love your message. Where have you been all my life??!”

Ron Morgan's Twisted Train - Artist from Reverbnation

“It's original---it's haunting, and the comment about David Lynch, like some of these in a sound track, sure thing... defies categorization.”

Zeph Daniel - Artist from Reverbnation

“Your music gave me shivers. I'd go as far to say it's like an opiod for the ears; Trippy, pleasing and calming. You have an amazing and unique voice and the melodies are creative to the extreme! Your music should be put in a movie.”

GabyxGuillotine - Reverbnation

“Your music is awesome! Love your voice...very soulful and creative”

inmylittleboat - Fan from Reverbnation

“You are a woman of much talents.”

MISLOCSPWRECORDS - Fan from Reverbnation

“Beautiful music. Sublime mix.”

Mark Stothard - Artist from Reverbnation

“Magical and soulful!”

PurpleFlower - Fan from Reverbnation

“DestinationDawn has a big sound with great keyboarding throughout. This music will not let you sit still for long. With edgy vocals and a driving beat, DestinationDawn has arrived.”

Java Jam Coffee House - Venue: My Space and Reverbnation

“1st Lady of Alternative Music”

Dr Detoxxx - Artist from Reverbnation

“DestinationDawn reaches Number One on the Alternative Charts Globally on Reverbnation on August 31, 2008 and has been the number one alternative artist for over two years.”


“DestinationDawn has been in the Top of the Artists Chart Globally on the WorldWide Music Charts for over two years. She entered the Top Ten on the WorldWide Music Charts on August 21, 2008 and reaches as high as #5 globally !”


“DestinationDawn's song "Death Angel" makes the Quarter Finals on Our Stage in the Goth/Industrial Category”

“Award: "I'll Bet You're Hot To Handle" wins Blues Track of the Day DestinationDawn's song, "I'll Bet You're Hot To Handle" will be featured as GarageBand.com's Blues Track of the Day on Friday, the 8th of June, 2007. ”


" You are special. Your atmosphere is unlike any other one I've ever heard, and your melodies are enchanting!"

Lony Love - Artist from Fuzz.Com

" There is a theatrical or soundtrack to a really odd indie flick feeling going on here...haunting on some pieces. Nightmare's Gasp... could hear that tune in an old Kubrick or Lynch type style of film"

Beradley - Artist from Fuzz.Com

" You are in your own category. I dig the feel ... hear your show business background."

Jostel Hason - Artist from Fuzz.Com

"cool music- there's a visual, theatrical aspect to this music that sets it apart,"

Clif - Artist from Fuzz.Com

"Pure Gold. It has been a while since something touched me this way..."

Jesus Burgers - Artist from Cyqo.com

“...."extremely unique sound!"”

Shadow the Hunter - Artist from Cyqo.Com

"love the descriptive lyrics..."

Liquid Kids - Artist from Cyqo.Com

"Exciting mood. Very trippy but I apreciate the dramatic electro opera attitude you present. You should make an opera."

Weatherbuild - Fan from Noisehead

"If I don't hear that you're part of the next David Lynch soundtrack, that means he didn't get a chance to hear your stuff... you would be a good fit with his deep movies."

jdavis417 - Fan from Reverbnation

“..."your music is beautiful. Death Angel paints a really nice picture."”

monro - Artist from Reverbnation

"Interesting,unique style and mood to your music"

Eb and Flow - Artist from Reverbnation

"...great sound you got very soothing and mellow"

Gareth from Cushmonkey - Artist from Reverbnation

"I love Wings Of Dove music - it's definitely a track from new movie:-)"

Vantage Point - Artist from Reverbnation

"...very strong , dark and unique,...

Luly Sosa - Fan from Reverbnation

"You remind me so much of the mighty Siosxie Sioux! Great stuff indeed!"

Sketchy - Artist from Reverbnation

"...great talent and production skills...."

-Collateral Jammage -Artisan - Artist from Reverbnation

"...fine library of music..."

Richard Casey Callahan - Artist from Reverbnation

"...great tunes ...for our listening pleasure"

Egmont - Artist from Reverbnation

“The Sixth Seal:"Cool Vocal effects on the narration. Love the sound effects as well. The note bending on synth is a nice touch,very moody. Very Soundtrack-like." ”

Tom Mair, Artist from Reverbnation

“Interesting sound you have -almost dreamlike.”

Mamagloflo from Reverbnation

"You have the voice of an angel."

mustangsallygt08 - Fan from Reverbnation

"The track "wake up" - very atmospheric!"

Dave Insaine - Reverbnation

"Your songs are amazing"... "heartfelt"

GrungieTal_Boy fan from Reverbnation

"Love your aura"...your music puts me in a different place"

Queen22 - Fan from Reverbnation

"Very talented!... Your voice is AMAZING!"

Jusctrojangirl - Fan from Reverbnation

"Beautiful voice and one that is different from others out there"

GHodges - fan from Reverbnation

"Your music is very spiritual, it moves me to another place."

Dany´s Music - Reverbnation

"awesome and unique sound" "haunting vocals are just beautiful"

Akronymn - Fan From Reverbnation

"DestinationDawn...Voice and Lyrics take me somewhere...to a New Place" "...Capture the beautiful futility of the fragile human condition...Powerless against the sounds that moan out the pain...Courage...with an underlying love that has been tested over time..."

Billy Danford - Fan from Reverbnation

"Fragile...beautiful, dreamy quality... It takes me away... ocean... daydreaming"

SeaDreams331 - Fan from Reverbnation

"My stone heart...new blood...I wake...from your voice...melody of pain"

Alex.Zyn - Fan from Reverbnation