Mark Claytor / Press

"GrooveStar Gravity" rocks! Love your style of guitar.

Aaron Dozer - Reverbnation

"Deadly wicked guitar Mark!"

Worthless And Wizemore - Reverbnation

"you're such a talent, very talent! much talent!"

Dani Mkd in GOODWILL - Reverbnation

"Great guitar lead!!"

Jerzy Wlodarczyk - Reverbnation

"Very cool ripping and raw on fire sound and playing feel on "Madness" Mark!!"

John Revitte - Reverbnation

"Great Playing & Tunes!"

BadgerStatic - Reverbnation

"Great music to kick the weekend off with!"

Anchorage Alaska - Reverbnation

"Away From The Sun" is a fantastic track

LING-LING ALFARI - Reverbnation

"Hi. Listening to MEMORIES GONE right now. Amazing instumental. Great stuff!! From NY, ZERENA :)"

Zerena - Reverbnation

"Great music! GTR playing is quite impressive."

Urban Monroes - Reverbnation

"A master technician of the electric guitar !"

Markke - Reverbnation

"Enjoyed *Your Kiddin'Me for the sense of melody..great skills throughout...sound/technique."

Vincent Pablo - Reverbnation

“Great musicianship and guitar skillz! A pleasure to listen to your guitar play. All the best ~ kappi”

Kloudworks - Reverbnation

"Mark and his guitar are not seperate.They are one item.You can hear by the way that he plays it that there are words and meaning in each chord.Brilliant!"

Chrissy McAnaney - Reverbnation

“great rockin' sound, clean sound arrangement & amazing guitar play... you are very talented guitarist ”

Fatamorgana - Reverbnation

"Blazer Fire" is an outstanding instrumental with amazing guitar work!

Honest Mistake Band - Reverbnation

“Really awesome guitar work man!! Great and impressive stuff!! ”

Final Voyage - Reverbnation

“Yep ! "Memories Gone" is an Amazing piece of work ! ”

Jeffery Whitman - Reverbnation

“Nice Riffs,,,, only hope I get to your level of guitar madness,, Cool Stuff, Randy.... ”

Randy Meyer - Reverbnation

"Wow this guy knows how to make a guitar sing, cry and laugh!! Great stuff!!"

Chrissy McAnaney - Reverbnation

“tight tonetastic tuneage here Mark..great playing and writing on the tracks..you certainly can pick a great riff at 50 paces..got a big buzz from "seesick"..a big wahwah phazed shanty with attitude! ”

Mike White Presents - Reverbnation

“--your' kiddin' me- no your not- that's great real stuff greetz BF ”

Beige Fish - Reverbnation

“Really enjoyed visiting your page, great sounds... ”

Russ Rhyne - Reverbnation

“-Undiscussably brillant- ”

Pyjama Devil - Reverbnation

“Awesome guitar work!!! enjoyed our visit top stuff. ”

The Fores - Reverbnation

“My pleasure Mark. Your music is wonderful. Loved The Irish are Coming.”

Blue Phoenix Radio - Reverbnation

“Great things happening on this page! Memories gone is a great track...Your kiddin me is equally as good! We will be back to hear more from you!”

Suckerpush - Reverbnation

“Playing Your Kidding Me. You rip on the guitar. In the pocket and so tasty....great stuff ”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - Reverbnation

“The Phonetic Bells Network: ‎Mark Claytor/Guitarist is a friggen guitar god.”

“Mark sitting here listening to more of your music,your a beast on guitar ,amazing playing and chops,shred on man ”

Richard Woodard - Reverbnation

“Great Tracks :) ”

Yonas - Reverbnation

“'wood shred' is absolutely awesome, the sound is fabulous good luck here on RN!!! ”

The KHM - Reverbnation

“Outstanding guitarist! "You're Kiddin Me" is a wonderful piece. You rock! KCD ”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

"Your Kiddin' Me" is one of your most relaxed and well played tracks I have heard from you to date. Great job! Keep the strong tracks coming!

Andrew James Liles - Reverbnation

“What a good guitarist you are! very good mix too/ Bravo!!!”

Anthony Sylvestre - Reverbnation

"Your Kiddin' Me" is a killer tune! Great job man!

Brandon White - Reverbnation

“Very cool rocking vibe in your excellent tracks Mark!!! ”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Awesome Stuff!! ”

Brett Barney - Reverbnation

“Awesome Stuff!! ”

Brett Barney - Reverbnation

“Awsome. Totally rawkin! I liked See Sick and Spider Bite first time through. Very cool. Love it!! Best wishes ”

Magnificat Sonnets - Reverbnation

“Digging it ! Peace from Sunny Detroit City ! ”

Spirits of another day - Reverbnation

“Thanks Mark! Nice tunes & guitar playing! Very tasteful! ”

Generic concession stand - Reverbnation

“Yo Mark, I'm really feeling "SeeSick", lol Killer guitar tone!!! awesome tunes my guitar brother, I'm gonna hit them all !!!!...oz”

Otto Zone - Reverbnation

“Hi Mark... some fine playing here ...great grooves... diggin' ''SeeSick ' a bunch. ”

The World of Subduction - Reverbnation

“Blazer Fire, well done man, thats your best style you excell in, 80s hard rock! ”

3 Car Collision - Reverbnation

“great playing,you rock ”

Gary Pratt - Reverbnation

“Absolutely, loved it, great work my friend! Matt from KG ”

Killing Grace - Reverbnation


Abba Father - Reverbnation

“Rocking with you. This is great. Good time.”

Cal David - Reverbnation

“you are EXTREMELY talented!!!! YOU ROCK!!♥♥ ”

Crush - Reverbnation

“loved distressed daze. awesome sound. rock on ”

Verona Rose - Reverbnation

“You're a famtastic guitarist, Mark. Blazer Fire really caught my ears. Great job! ”

Emanuel David - Reverbnation


BBE sound Inc. - Facebook

“Hi Mark, sounding great!”

Constance - Reverbnation

“Superb guitar playing. Very technical precise. I like your sound. Brilliant”

Greg Ashton Haze - Reverbnation

"SeeSick" is a great track!

Ross Gipson - Reverbnation

“Rockin! ”

Allan M. - Reverbnation

“Great playing Mark! ”

Screaming At Zero - Reverbnation

“Guitar \m/ Guitar - Sizzling -Congrats on the endorsement! respect, peace, te ”

TE Fireoved - Reverbnation

“very interesting & unique music here! Thanks for sharing it with us! ”

Aria Arvan - Reverbnation


The Mad Felon/ Itz whateva ent. - Reverbnation

“Hey Mark, duggin your tunes. You ROCK!!! ”

The Time bomb - Reverbnation

“Greetings from Texas! After listening to several songs( a requirement of mine).. I couldn't help but become a fan. Great original songs! "Spider Bit' yeah!!”

James Ferris - Reverbnation

“Your music is sensational! Keep feeling the vibe…. ”

Pat Branch - Reverbnation

“As far as guitarists go, you are way up there. Great originality and tone”

Kevin Lamb - Reverbnation

“Absolutly rippin'... ”

Joesf Glaude - Reverbnation

“all your tracks are nice. F5 has some great guitar riffs in it. ”

Mrs. Mangle - Reverbnation

“Really good. Enjoyed:) ”

Dorthy Wilson - Reverbnation