Chantfield Band / Press

"This Band is the best! Aside from performing every churches around here in North Carolina without payment, they are all generous and loving! Could not ask for more! More power to you Chantfield Band!"

WKNC 88.1 FM DJ Chino

“Essa banda vai ser famoso por causa de DEUS. Vocês são adorados por muitos brasileiros. Deixa o rock! Boa música! "This band is going to be famous because of GOD. You guys are adored by a lot of Brazilian. Lets rock! Good music!"”

“Derrame Dios Bendiciones Sin Limites hermanos Sobre vosotros! mantener el buen trabajo de Dios y se le bendiga mucho. Ustedes suena mejor! "Unlimited blessings God pours upon you brothers!keep up the good work for GOD and you will be bless a lot. You guys sounds best."”