Cairn / Press

“The lower guitar tuning has something from the epic days of BATHORY (probably the best one-man band out there) while the almost Heavy Metal riffs may add a progressive tone in the music palette. I really enjoyed the musical landscapes described...the music presented is most interesting and it would be a shame to get lost in the mass of new releases. So, I urge everyone who found the above interesting and get a taste from the Chicago winter in a Scandinavian way."”

“The compositions on this EP are simply mesmerizing… Their darkness and melancholy are both enchanting and appealing and the progressive nature of the songs isn’t here to show off, but to add more depth and substance to the songs....a really impressive and heavy work.”

“From the acoustic folk sounds of 'Far Passage' and 'Further, None' to the blackened medeival sounds of 'Solstiseraph' or the more doom-like 'Equinautical', there is no bad track among them.... So request a full album, because the progressive black metal of Cairn certainly has the potential to grow into something big. (from the Dutch)”

“With a heavy vibe of Primordial meets Forest of Shadows, this short but sweet EP will be enough to rattle your cage and make you want more. ...this solo self-exploratory release is one of the most interesting and less vanilla sounding we have received in 2011....While we are huge fans of the genre, and would love to have the band continue in this manner, a combination of both styles would be very interesting.”

“Luckily for us, Chicago-based musician Samu Rahn's songwriting ability and broad, creative vision have allowed him to produce a top-notch debut EP....Rahn seamlessly blends raw, crushing (and at times, very complex) riffage with subtly underlying folk melodies and motifs as effectively as any of the aforementioned veteran bands [Enslaved, Agalloch, Primordial]. ..."Raise the Cairn" is sure to please almost every extreme metal fan with an open mind.”

“A full album further exploring both sides of the Cairn project would certainly be great to hear, but what this EP does right is get me wanting that, while offering up a sort of easy-to-digest starter kit. ...Expect a solid interpretation of the folk-black-doom arts that gets a hearty recommendation for any fans of the above bands and styles.”