Lindsay Rakers Band / Press

“One of the most appealing female singers to emerge from the Atlanta area in recent years has to be the relatively unheralded Lindsay Rakers. With a sweet, girl-next-door personality and a knack for penning irresistibly catchy tunes, she radiates a warmth and sincerity in her voice that calms your innards and makes you wanna kiss strangers and give to charity. Supported by an accomplished but pleasantly non-flashy band, Rakers dwells in conventional pop-rock with slight country undertones that, interestingly, shine stronger when the band plays live, when they almost come across like a spunkier version of Sugarland. Only they're good! Hunt down their excellent, newly-minted CD, Less Asleep, and see if you concur.”

Jeff Clark - Stomp and Stammer

“Her cut-to-the-chase demeanor and clear-eyed narratives make the Lindsay Rakers Band's live shows and debut album, Less Asleep, intimate and highly caffeinated experiences. The exuberant Rakers says she truly enjoys the artist-to-audience exchange. 'I like to know people and I like people to know about me, and that's why I love making music,' she says.”

Lee Valentine Smith - Creative Loafing

“Roots rock, alt-country, whatever you want to call it, all I know is it sounds pretty damn good to me... You better keep your eye on this girl. ”

J.R. Oliver - Ear Candy Magazine