Loss of Reason / Press

“This is the finest BoyBand to ever come out of Virginia Beach. These guy’s can really mooove to the grooove. No sequined gloves in this line-up these guys go straight to the lubricated rubber ones !!! I can invision mini-vans and hybrid SUV’s full of families singing along to this CD on their way to vacation @ Virginia Beach. This cd is a must have for any family road trip !!!!”

Unknown - iTunes

“Awesome Album! I Would not trade it for all the two headed nickels in the entire WORLD!!!!!! I listen to it at least twice a month to remind myself how great the world can be! -”

Unknown - iTunes

“The ugliest bunch-u-boyz have brought joy and happiness to my pants with the release of this album. If The Nightmare Ages gave your ears AIDS then this is the cure. Awesome drummingness CLASHES with uber pwnage from the guitarneers wailing riffs. With vocals so tight it will make your butt-hole feel looser than the brand new pair of parachute pants you just bought from your local Hot-Topic. Welcome to Aardvark City is a must have in order for your iTunes collection to be complete. - ”

unknown - iTunes