"En cada uno de tus vídeos se destaca una real intención de comunicar algún mensaje muy claro. Fijas y sabes como estar frente a una cámara y juegas con la complexidad de la sensualidad…"

Hervè Graciet - Buscarme Aquì

"Your music is chill and relaxed and really transports you to a place. It's rare a dance song can really make you dance and think at the same time. [...] Your song "Lose Control" is very reminiscent of Madonna circa the 90's. It's very Bed Time Story."

Revolutionary Gay Magazine

"There are few artists that leave me at a loss for words. Absolutely Daniel is one of them. Curiously, I am not altogether sure why his music leaves me silent. Androgynous, sexy, masculine, venerable, are four conflicting words that come to mind when I listen to his music. Absolutely Daniel is one of the rare artists who is not afraid to flirt with controversial subject matter. His 80s sounding electro-pop is made surprisingly original by the way he amalgamates his life experience into the music we hear. I would like to say he sounds like The Pet Shop Boys, but his fantastic plastic sound, along with his mysterious allure, also remind me of Gary Numan. I hope you enjoy Absolutely Daniel!"

The Blizzard