“The March release of North Star Curved Air's first studio album for 38 years. Is no small triumph. Surging yet deliquescent. It echoes here and there the Erdrich mood of the three sumptuous LPs .... Recorded at the height of the progressive rock era. -”

“Curved Air featuring Sonja Kristina provided the perfect mix of post psychedelic virtuosity The opening instrumental featured the mesmerising Paul Sax on electric violin, a new generation Darryl Way but with more fire and adventure. Curved Air immersed us in a set of swirling, whirling solos that emphasized moods, nuances and floating waves of sound that acted as a counterpoint to Sonja dramatic sense of theatricality. The perfectly preserved elfin child was dressed in funereal black and brought her enduring vocal range and flighty dance steps to bear on big hitters like 'It Happened Today', the startling time signatures of 'Young Mother' and the beautiful acoustic 'Melinda (More or Less)', which magically quieted the distant booming metal stage. 'Back Street Love' was surprisingly funky and best of all was the immediacy of 'Stretch' from 'Air Conditioning', before Paul Sax rounded things off with a vivacious instrumental 'Vivaldi'.”

“vibrant and edgy as ever. Sonja Kristina, the original prog diva is still as charismatic as ever looking like a glamorous gipsy queen with her flowing red hair and sparkly black dress. However, that signature voice is still as smoky and seductive as ever as she spins around the stage around her excellent musicians. Only drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa is from the original line-up but she has found some stunning new instrumentalists especially laid-back guitarist Kit Morgan whose fluent runs so complement the material mostly drawn from the early days. Particularly spectacular were “It Happened Today” and the doomy “Propositions from Air Conditioning.” “Young Mother” and the single “Back Street Luv” also sound as timeless as ever and Kristina picked up her acoustic guitar for one of her signature songs “Melinda More Or Less. With his air of a gipsy violinist, Paul Sax’s rendition of Vivaldi was hypnotic, frenetic and almost demonic. It was another great highligh”

“While women in UK progressive rockwere relatively few and far between .. it's Sonja that wore the crown. Well the undisputed queen of British Prog is on tour again and what a joy it is to see her and Curved Air back in action.... Violinist Paul Sax... sweats for his art right from the off and with virtuoso wizardry sears through the set like a mad man possessed.. ..the whole group of assembled musicians are perfectly qualified to recreate the band's uniqueness authentically... the old phrase 'they don't make 'em like this anymore has never sounded so relevant. Catch them while you can. ”

“Back from watching Sonja Kristina and Curved Air at The Boom Boom. Real fire and passion in their set. A great performance from a band who were really locked into each other and very tight as a result. Any aspiring musos out there, this is a band you want to see live for the sheer artistry of how to deliver the musical goods. (And if like me, you remember the legendary Top of the Pops performance of Back Street Love in '71, the expectations of tonight's rendition did not disappoint.) ”

“I would like to thank Florian, Sonja, Berek, Paul, Kit, Chris and Robert fortheir wonderful two gigs which I could see and hear.. you were great, awesome, brilliant...(think a new english word for thpse exppressions I used before the brackets is: Curved air!!!!) was really great and I appreciated it really to meet you and talk with you. thanks for Metzingen and Wetzlar”

“Awesome gig at Sale,..you think they won't be as good,...you think the lead singer can't still carry it,....OMG yes they can!!! OMG yes she can That was fu##ing brilliant guys many many thanks,.I will remember this for ever ! ! ! !”

“ Thank you very much for your great gig in Wetzlar! What a fantastic, powerful band! We love you! Jürgen and Rebecca Un”

“Sonja Kristina's voice was in fine shape, and with her excellent band led by the virtuoso electric violinist Paul Sax, she raked over the coals with the enduring synth led, spacey 'Young Mother', the enduringly superb 'Back Street Luv' and Sax's exciting reading of Darryl Way's show stopper 'Vivaldi'. Sonja finished with a startling banshee wail on the climax of 'Propositions'. They surely deserved more time. ”

“Great show in Nuremberg tonight, it was a privilege watching you perform! ”

“After much anticipation from the crowd, on came Curved Air. Sonja Kristina's voice seemed better than ever, and where does she get all that energy for singing like that and dancing around like that with such enthusiasm, and indeed, how does she still look that young? I didn't see her drinking the blood of virgins or anything, All the guys playing were brilliant, difficult to pick anyone out, but I have to mention Paul Sax, the violinist with the mad staring eyes. Quite sublime . Florian on the drums doing his thing so well , and that brilliant guitarist.....keyboards and bass were great too. . Prog at it's best. Sadly it had to end after about 100 minutes of sheer brilliance. Can't wait to see them again, and looking at the faces of some in the audience, and the noise we made, I'm not the only one that thinks that. Anyway, if you like music that's not just pop, you really should see Curved Air. Go on, treat yourself! ”

“Sonja Kristina came on and took hold of the show with some style. The beautiful Melinda (more of less) was the highlight of a rollicking set.”

“ Came to see you (and Stolen Earth) play Fibbers, in rainy York. Totally blown away by Sonja's presence and vocals. Really liked meeting with you all after. Such friendly, talented musicians who obviously enjoy performing these beautiful, timeless songs.”

“while this is undoubtedly very much Sonja’s vision, as the driving force and focal point of the band, it is no way a one-woman show. All of the new members impress, particularly Paul Sax, who steps into the sizeable shoes of Darryl Way with aplomb, making show closer ‘Vivaldi’ his own, and providing spirited and energetic playing throughout. Meanwhile Sonja rolls back the years with a charismatic and highly visual performance, as she delivers the material with consummate ease. Highlights for me included the evergreen ‘Back Street Luv’, a scorching take on ‘Marie Antoinette’, a lovely rendition of ‘Melinda (More Or Less)’ and, perhaps the song of the night, a spellbinding rendition of ‘Easy’ from the Air Cut album – the legacy of the original band is in safe custody here. If you are an admirer of Curved Air, I would urge you to check out a show if you get the opportunity. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. ”

“a real CURVED AIR, with a real band attitude and a zest for life;....what a f***** wonderful gig"”

“Curved Air... unblocked our doors of perception with their pop -psychedelic blend, Paul Sax's violin solos frenzied, guitarist Kit Morgan ablaze and Sonja Kristina in imperious voice and jigging with abandon. Marie Antoinette took off our heads and Back Street Luv gave us flashbacks. It's heartwarming to witness..”

“Curved Air's fusion of prog, folk and jazz rock was certainly well received tonight , with lot of their set drawn from their earlier 70's albums, and original front lady Sonja Kristina still a delight to watch. 'Young Mother' featured some great extended electric violin and keyboard work, whilst Kristina delivered the folky 'Melinda' to perfection. The jazz-rock of 'Propositions' got a big cheer, and the band's big hit single from 1971 'Back Street Luv' was a welcome inclusion. The dramatic 'Elfin Boy' and the explosive 'Vivaldi' brought a very enjoyable set to a close.”

“Sonja Kristina prowls the front of the stage... expertly playing off the energy of all the performers with her. Guitarist Kit Morgan ..moves through figures, shapes and techniques with deceptive ease...violinist Paul Sax pulling sounds from his instrument like a mad scientist ..... there's no denying they remain formidable live !”

“Wonderful gig last night in Derby. Plenty of nostalgia for sure, but also plenty of energy and tremendous musicianship on show. Thanks.”

“Sonja Kristina in fine voice and clearly relishing the occasion with some nifty dance steps...... the band launched themselves into several bombastic psychedelic passages with violinist Paul Sax a mesmerising presence and guitarist Kit Harris supreme. They beautifully recreated the music of an era when adventurous playing met the notion of a vibe head on. The psychedelic light show provided the perfect backdrop to an evening high on nostalgia but infused with brilliant timeless music.”

“Back Street Luvvers ....Back.... Curved Air instill enough pride and discipline into their performance to teach the newer bands a thing or two... with the live Curved Air Live Atmosphere just released ...catch Curved Air as soon as possible ...”