Los Shimmy Shakers / Press

“Fantastic music that makes you want to get naked and shake it!! Seriously, I could hardly keep my clothes on while listening to this cd.”

“some of the best bump and grind you've ever heard in your whole life!”

Szandora LaVey - FB 9/28/12

“Los Shimmy Shakers are currently quakin’ the grounds of success with their seductive sax-driven sounds of sonic sex that are like aural aphrodisiacs for your hot ‘n’ horny sections. Every torrid track pulsates with the pulpy passions of pleasurable pulchritude, inspiring images of orgasmic organ-pumpin’ bump ‘n’ grinders to dance in your overheated head.”

"Los Shimmy Shakers are the new kings of the bump & grind sound. Their simmering songbook evokes burning nights in classic Las Vegas, and is a perfect fit for burlesque shows, parties or any event you just want to make sexier."

“With riffs that can only be described as “intoxicating,” these top-notch, tuxedoed troubadours are truly the champagne of bands”