Michelle Fontaine / Press

“'Zletos Blues' chosen as one of the top 25 'New Music Critiques' of 2010 by MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE”

Music Connection Magazine

“Eerie and altogether alluring, Fontaine's "Corporate Cowboy" boasts an expertly understated arrangement, a husky female singing lyrics that haunt you, and all of it recorded with lots of warmth, depth and clarity. And, the track's ambient slide guitar is a perfect pace lifter. Fontaine is a storyteller, as the banjo-inflected "Lonesome Days" makes clear; and her reverb-soaked "Ain't Nobody", with its saloon piano, takes the listener back to another time while somehow remaining modern. If this artist can pull it all off live, it would make for a killer show.”

“Straight forward… Michelle Fontaine's songs are soft, warm, heart breaking, fuzzy, dizzy, eerie and above all aching(ly) beautiful. It’s more of a cross between [ Mazzy Star ] and [ Low ] two artists I admire with all my heart. The only difference here is that you have to strip down all the electric elements from Mazzy Star and Low and it will most certainly bring you very close to Michelle Fontaine. Long background electric solo’s, fore-front acoustic guitar, banjos topped up by beautiful lyrics. You name it guys… you simply cannot go wrong on this one. CHECK IT OUT. All tracks can be streamed from Michelle’s ReverbNation page. (Michelle is currently working on her second solo album). Something to look forward to.”