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“Brilliant impresario who performs stand-up comedy in 4 languages Dave Thompson. Ex Tinky Winky in Teletubbies and famous comedian and joke writer”

Dave Thompson Quote

" a master of the Celtic Harp” “ captures and enlivens audiences with his wonderful passionate sound”. Hearing Ken's playing at a venue near Brighton record producer Paul Rayner Brown (Sarah Brightman) experienced first hand how Ken captivated audiences with his wonderful passionate sound.

Paul Rayner Brown - Sleeve Note "The Celtic Harp"

“Maestro of the Underground, the kind of guy who posts about 6 events daily on facebook. An endless whirlwind of makeshift activity, for the last dozen years he' s been setting up singer-songwriter events at venues like the Zaal100 and social projects for kids and the disabled. If you listen to his band Monty Pagan , supported by Little Elf Records you may even catch him playing Celtic Harp”

Nina Siegal - Time Out Amsterdam

“How the Celtic harpist has managed yet again to attract such an amazing line up of artists both veteran and renowned to up and coming stars god only knows but the Wicked Words Festival at the Zaal 100 with headliner Attila the Stockbroker is going to be another great event”

Arjan Sorge - Staats en Buurtkrant

"with his blond curls, crystal clear voice and fingers gracefully plucking away at his harp he is the perfect image of the Celtic bard".

Brechje - NL 20

"Musician of the month. Got all the drunken Shamrockers going with a good clean family set".

Andy reeves - Amsterdam Stun

““ KEN PARSONS is a Celtic Harper, singer and allround entertainer. What can you expect? Beautiful harp songs, deadly witty short poems and crafted original songs in every posible style, funny, moving, thought provoking”.”

Amy - Troubadour Review

“De Talent Nite in het Twstd met Peter de Jong, Ken Parsons, Bard, Christian Beier en Katbite Paulina Dubaj was een daverend succes! Ken Parsons is een geweldige host, die de programmering van de avond schitterend vorm heeft gegeven. ”

Pieter de Jong - Blog de Jong