Lobo Marino / Press

“With a style I could not attempt to classify with my limited vocabulary, I just sat smiling, content to simply enjoy the surprising ramblings of these three musicians, and their uncontainable love for the craft. ”

“Their live performances have reflected their strong work ethic as a band with wonderful finesse, and the adornment of new audiences after every show. ”

“I love this band's sound with its oblique lyrics and South American influences”

“ Varied instrumentation and delectable arrangements that help make this one of the local scene’s crowning achievements of the past year. ”

“ After hearing the chaotic, yet harmonious sounds of Lobo Marino at various times throughout the year, I know that they will be doing something amazing in the new year. They plan on recording a new album and if it involves accordions and flying animals, I’m there.”

“Lobo Marino incorporates influences from Latin American culture to create bright indie-folk songs. ”