Situatist Deux / Press

“Very very interestingly disturbing and in a strange way also quite beautiful.”

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream." Keep the music flowing!

“Hi Situatist Deux, Really like your feel, very different and edgy !”

“Lovely, so much peace in "within" .”


“Oh but, very fucking good! The voice is calm and the beatz innovative, I don´t know why but Sweet songs brings to my head a picture of a giant frog kinda like lying head half underwater on it´s back on a green pond on summertime, wearing a crown. Respect from the Helsinki hardcore science underground!”

“I like your approach sounds flowing from all angles melting and fusing together, have a great and rewarding 2011,Peace, Love, Sound and Vision,”

“Electrostratispheric !”

“Lovely textures! Reminds me of lots of stuff I loved listening to in the 80s. Touches of OMD, Blancmange etc.”

“SD, each title is beautifuly cast in a template o perfection, vocals and arrangements are outstanding and will live on . ”

“Great music! Beautiful atmosphere,...”

“wow! what an awesome experience listening to your music :) Loved every track I listened to..you're very reminiscent of Grace Jones :) wonderful!”

“Great to hear 'Little Of That Precious' today..another winner from your fervent imaginations. Sweet rich song!”

“Sounds awesome guys!”

“Great music, great arrangements, superb producer .”


“Great style and production!”

“Incredible Electronic/Dance sounds to my ears.Very professional.”

“Enjoying 'Natural Light' !”

“Your music is like a mosaic platform of spirits .”

“Lovely textures! Reminds me of lots of stuff I loved listening to in the 80s. Touches of OMD, Blancmange etc.”

"GRACE".... VERY cool. VERY unexpected.... LOVE IT!

“AVANT GARDE !....."LOOKING GLASS".... incredibly creative. Wonderful.”

“* Grace* is highly unique & inventive piece *”

“I enjoyed your "Muses and Tragedies", very artistic!”

“Very intense; yet beautiful! Reminds me of Philip Glass!”

“Sweet Songs is simply amazing! Love every second. It's so engaging and takes the listener to a whole different world.”

“Hey Situatist and Sheldon, just went through all your songs with the DT 770, not afraid to use any new sounds I see. Stay on the cutting edge .”

“Different is always surprising. The ambiance sounds great. 'Sweet Songs' is just fantastic!”

“Blown away by your tight multi-layered sound. Epic stuff.”

“Original and thought provoking .”

“Great tracks, guys. You have some very cool sounds. And the production is sweet. Great vocals too. Your tracks are all quite different to each other... which made me listen to more than I planned on ;)”

“Beautiful work, guys. Awesomely surreal; the songs are like little peaceful journeys.”

“Refreshingly original...don`t know how you`ve managed to create the beautiful melodies from such an abstract backline...”

“Some freaky abstractions here. Really enjoy the minimal deepness of "A Little Blue"; great piano section in the middle. Bizzarely, there are a lot of melodic similarities with the artist Breck Stewart, and a similar technique of swamping with verb and delay on the voice. Is this a new movement forward in electronica? Enjoyable work.”

“OUTSTANDING... 'nuf said!!”

“Love Angels just took me off into another dimension....thats what good music does .”

“Listening to "Within" "Sunshine" "Soar" luv the different mixtures in your tunes!!”

“Different & inspiring!”

“Wonderful atmosphere in these songs, and LOVE that voice!”

“So creative, I love your production quality, Right now small artist like us can take the industry back.”

“Imaginative and atmospheric.”

“Love the groove, Science and It's Fiction .”

“Beautiful universe is here, Thank you for the invite, I love your dimension, passion, love, emotion, touched my soul .”

“Intense, beautiful synths, soulful vocals .”

"Love Angels" is fantastic. I'm impressed by the ambient it creates.

“Lovin ur video 'Edge'!”

“Rich lush sounds !”

“Really like "Soar" and "Philosopher's Stone". I am very impressed by your work and interpretation of sound.”

“A great ambient vocal that is twinned to a very creative musical accompaniment that completes a top sound and groove , fabulous mixes that dissolve within the ears of time and space .”

“Loved "To Know a Stranger" - very anticipating feel .”

“Evolution !”

“Devious and delightful!”

“Wonderful, thoughtful compositions and clean, crisp musicianship...Soaring vocals....Love it..”

“A mixture of Kraftwerk/electro/HiNRG clubbing tracks - very atmosperic stuff!”

“Powerful Voice . World Class Beats.”

“Glad to discover your music.”

“Love the sound you create, nice tracks and edgy vocals! Think I will be back for more....”

“Dig your wild vibes!”

“Great work on Evolution! I liked the ethereal sounding vocals.”

“Far out , man !”

“Love Angels.... great textures in the synths, dream-like intro then those great vocals kick in. Gotta love it.”

“What beautiful work.”

“Original worlds of sounds,you have here...I like it!”

“Positive vibes from passionate cries .”

“Epic sounds!”

“Magnificent .”


“This is f**king awesome!!!!!”

"Breaking Free" among others is both sobering and intoxicating at the same time. Haunting and seductive. Great work. We almost never listen to anything with vocals so you have managed a rare feat in our book.

“Love Angels is TECHNO HEAVENLY!”

“Still in love with "Love Angels" , i like it from the start i see colors, the atmosphere changes so fluently into ambient and then your great voice and the dope beats... Excellent work.”

“It's been a while, but we wanted to take another listen to these great tunes . "Sweet Songs" in particular is a brilliant piece of poptastic writing and vocals ! .”

“Great creative touches and mix!”

“Beautiful songs .”

“Brash and rubbery. My head cannot hold it all. Trippy but soulful at the same time.”

“Inspired, complex, beautiful music .”

“WOW your voice is crazy, I'm totally digging your sound!”

“Really brilliant work.”

“back for more of those awesome Sweet Songs!”

“Very entertaining & exciting... great pumping beats & amazing voice...”

“Nice! Caught me right from when the music first started.....”

“Brilliant sounds and awesome tracks!”

“Awesome sound fields! I'm right at home here.”

“Love Angels * love the musical imagery *”

“Hypnotic .”

“I listen to a lot of electronica and I really like your variation within the music...Excellent vocals!! Very Unique!”

“Gr8 trax some exciting sounds going on, especially enjoyed Science and It's Fictions .”

“Your songs, sound is amazing, feeling it inside my heart !”

“Love Angels is a perfect trip for my morning .”

“Wǒmen shì nǐ de Yīnyuè mí. 和平 -”

“Well-crafted experimental pop songs created with a keen eye for detail. Absolutely love it. Sometimes not far removed from what I do.”

“Hi Situatist and Sheldon, like Evolution best, going through your songs now, very modern sound and style, I never know what to do with these sounds, I have them on my system, Liked you, fanned you, smacked you on the back .”

“Great original sound and very unique .”

“Your excellent music is part of our playlist for a great weekend.”

“Lovin your sound .”

“Pearls is a solid track!”

“Awesome tracks here, great sound! Cheers from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM!”

“Had a listen to " Pearls " and really enjoyed the song, arrangement, melody, voice, lyrics and style..good stuff!.”

“Love the vox and drum beats in PEARLS .”

“Ear tasty!”

“State Of Sensation.: A superb epic from its marvellous intro onwards .”

“really nice interesting groovy sounds .”


“Pearls is quite a mind-blower. Beautiful, ethereal vocals; stunning soundscapes. Bravo!”

“Situatist Deux is Futuristicly Effervescent! Nice Work!”

“Absolutely Stunning! Wow.”

“Excellent tunes and sound .”

“Your music is powerful and graceful, yet effortless.All your pieces are both melodic and often the electronic/ambient give it that spcial edge, blending into a soothing but not numbing mix. Adore your work .”

“this is trippy, and became a fan because this is good shit..”

“Gorgeous, creative, addictive compositions.”

“Refreshing, well-crafted songwriting supported by superior performance & production!”

“Interesting and spacy sounds!”

“State of Sensation is just one of many gems in the album entitled Philosopher's Stone. Truly a soothing alternative take on electronica and pop .”

“An Inspiring Fusion Of Styles Done In An Alternative Manner, Well Done!”