Summer Azul / Press

“Summer Azul is not your “Nicki Minaj” or your “Trina” she is a versatile artist with a different sound and a different message.”

“Summer Azul is most recently named "Hottest Underground Artist" on 50cent's HipHop website.”

“extraordinary gift of mastering any remix as well as blazing Hot original tracks.....”

“Indian and French Creole, a mixture of races (Indian, African, French, Spanish, Asian, Irish and Brazilian).....”

“Summer Azul is a Indian/French Creole Rapper & Actress born in North America”

“This is probably the first artist's song i picked after listening to it only once.....i liked the concept, the beat, her delivery on it and that lil extra sexy swag in her voice.......”

“Summer Azul, aka The Mixtape Queen, lyrically, is a beast! ..... She’s got a fantastic accent, American but with a twang. It’s a gravelly voice that makes her sound angry and aggressive”

“A worldwide fan base and support system known as the “AzulArmy” and her music is currently getting airtime in such places as Brazil, Africa, India, Japan and the U.K.....”

“With her background in martial arts, her ability to speak different languages (including English, Spanish & French) alongside several alter egos, Summer Azul brings a whole new flavor to the world of music.....”

“Summer Azul made a name for herself.....appearing and promoting at all major events in different cities around the world.......”

“There were some things in her raps that helped define her and give her that "character" feel that you need to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.....”

“This new International recording artist brings World music, House, Reggae Dancehall, Dubstep & HipHop together in a way not seen before.”

“Summer Azul is bringing a whole new style to the music industry.....”

“Summer Azul is making a name in the Indie Rap game with her smooth yet versatile flow, coupled with her undoubted Sex appeal. Her Hit Original singles showcase her writing ability.....”

“She has collaborated with producers and D.J.'s in such places as Brazil, Africa, India, Asia, Germany, France, the U.K. and the West Indies.......”

“The first time I met Summer Azul was when she was auditioning for a show I was producing. She's just as impressive in person as she is on film and in audio. Get to know Miss Summer Azul, she's hot!”

“Summer Azul won the 2011 Rebel Radio Award for “BEST FEMALE MC”, further proving her worthiness of the title “Mixtape Queen””

“Summer Azul, the evolution of the female musician. Summer Azul is a rapper, singer and actress with extraordinary talents and diehard determination. She is the ultimate entertainer.”

“Summer Azul Dubbed the "Mixtape Queen," Azul is known to be one of the best at creating some of the most popular songs in the city. Mastering hip-hop, rock 'n' roll as well as reggeaton, Azul brings a wide variety to the music industry.”

“Summer Azul has made a name for herself in the underground circuit. Mixtape pick of the week "Summer Azul"”

“Summer Azul is bringing a whole new style to the music industry. New Summer Azul mixtape”