WORTH / Press

“International Album of the Month for May 2017”

“I've been a fan for years now...Christopher Worth has one of those voices that becomes instantly addictive, and this is without a doubt the best thing I've heard from him yet. Meaty material and melodies, on point production with an in the moment spirit. I think this one will get some real notice.”

Dave Way (Michael Jackson, Pink, TLC, Macy Gray, Christina Aguilera) - Producer

"Imagine a male version of Lauryn Hill with the range of Martin Fry."

"The Jamie Cullum of the blues."

Uli Eisel - Lindencult

"A self-made budding musical star in his own right."

“Winner of 'Best Song of 2012' in Oregon Chapter of the West Coast Songwriters Competition for "Let's Make It Last"”