Manowar / Press

“Manowar fucking rule. It’s obvious, really, isn’t it? I’m not even sure why I felt the need to point it out. Manowar are the armour-clad, blood-stained, boob-saluting epitome of heavy fucking metal in its purest (and loudest) form.”

“MANOWAR, also known as the greatest band of all time, have returned with a re-recording of their debut album, “Battle Hymns”. This is a superior recording to the original in every way possible.”

“Damn guys.... you really outdid yourselves on this one........ great job now I anxiously await Hammer Of The Gods...... great to hear Donnie tearing it up with you guys again..... 180 of my friends fists up in the air and counting.... hail my brothers and goodnight..... ManOwaR kills!”

Danny G. - Facebook

“I still cannot tell which one I like better!!!! But Dark Avenger made me cry! Amazing! Best purchase of the year! Thank you, guys! Just can't wait for the cd! :D HAIL!”

Giovanna F. - Facebook

“You've taken one of the greatest metal albums of all time and made it even better. Exceptional.”

Matt F. - Facebook

“Thank you for improving a masterpiece beyond anyone's expectations!! Hail From Denmark & Greece.”

Lyrian S. - Facebook

“I'm amazed about how good it is :P i thought it was amazing before so didn't think the original album could be topped :D”

Deane P. - Facebook

“Ordered my copy a yesterday. Got the digital download. What an album, Hail and Kill from New Zealand.”

Steven J. - Facebook

“No doubt! The album sure kicks ass! HAIL!”

Tamás H. - Facebook

“I'm listening now to Dark Avenger. Christopher Lee is doing an awesome job. Hope that he has some work to do for Hammer Of The Gods. Can't stop listening the new Battle Hymns. This new power in these old songs is just shattering my mind.”

Sebastian S. - Facebook