Mark Hjorthoy / Press

"Sounds like Morcheeba, Massive Attack, Tranquillity Bass got together with Ennio Morricone & Angelo Badalamenti and had a session! - Ian Of-The Liquid-Lounge, on listening to Good Natured Threat's new e.p. "Eclipse".

“I can remember for that Good Natured Threat`s Short Stories EP (2011, Melodica) was reviewed at RMH in March which provides an organic shift between club dance-esque cadences and more pop-oriented visions. GNT used to exist as the cooperative project of Mark and Lara Hjorthoy, a pair from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (you know the home city for the Canucks, a hockey team). Anyway, Mark is this time alone, yet, continuing to run on the similar way, more concretely, by amalgamating suggestive trip-hop/downtempo/dub-oscillating beats into the set of gleaming upper layers of sounds. There is even hinted at the resemblance with Durutti Column, a British art-rock/post-punk legend (I can only agree with it). The 4-track publication seems to be more bigger than the mere sum of its particles. Indeed, it is seamless, organic, it can even be considered as a holistic masterpiece. Listen to it!”

“The Canadian duo Lara & Mark Hjorthoy`s debut issue Short Stories (2011, Melodica) did generate a lot of vast suggestion via catchy beats searching for balance between club dance and brain-relied satisfaction. In liaison with the German artist Nikea Bustla, they are back now with a single, called as Ma Vie Tragique. By its stylistical characteristics, however, it can be considered a fluttering soul-hued house music output elegantly veiled with purple tones and some acid-fried synth appearances. Indeed, through these aspects and highly sensual female singing and catchy repetitive loops it is the sort of pychedelic music, indeed. All in all, it is a beautiful single for sure”

“Tres Catorce, a good netlabel coming from Northern Spain, introduces this EP of SoftClip, by Canadian Mark Hjorthoy, the male half of the group Good Natured Threat, reviewed here with the “Short Stories EP”. This EP, “Between The Land And The Sky” is a seductive collection of soft electronics and warm keyboards that send you back to eighties synth POP, light rhythmic guitars and mid tempo lines reminicent of Boards of Canada, one of the project's influences musically. Pleasant and relaxing.”

" "Beacons", the first track (which also reached the semifinals of the People Music Awards) is a sleek and soft ballad where the echoes of guitar and vocals are mixed with electronics and soft reverse decorated to create a tabla species of Indian-trip-hop. "Until We Have Faces" increase the metronome tempo by relying on a steady rhythm of drums and bass and creeping almost within atmospheres police, a mysterious night in pursuit of ways dampened by a rain just fell from a dark sky (placing Meanwhile some questions about fame and success). But the climax comes with "Short Stories", 12 minutes of absolute pleasure sound.. A beautiful guitar intro and vocals surrounded by silence until the entry of feline bass that drags us into the roundness of a rhythmic warm and full, really good drum sound ... I wish this would never end ...

“Behind Good Natured Threat is a duo Mark and Lara Hjorthoy from Vancouver, Canada who have created an inspiring pastiche from downtempo, indie, folktronica, hip-hop, trip-hop, minimal and optimal dub and other styles on their 3-track debut issue. In fact, lots of diverse guitar chords and riffs are mixed up with lots of beats which, by its side, are built on permanent variations. Obviously this release is also a case when it is used to talk about post-crossover genre. So if you are interested in such kind of music listen to such artists as Menion and Arrogalla as well. And the second track Until We Have Faces resembles strongly some tunes from Bizarre`s masterpiece Cafe De Flor (1996). In a word, this is a solid accomplishment. ”

“Casual pace downbeat and trip-hop, with elements nicely complements guitar theme. The listener is active and relaxing with female vocals creating a guide - a key pillar. Thanks to this combination have an emotional rendition of single tracks with an emphasis on turning the music story. The quality is a fact that the song "Beacons" came to the semifinals of "The People Music Awards! Under the grouping Good Natured Threat is behind a pair of Mark and Lara. They follow the creed "to learn more, see more, feel more, do more, experiment more, all through music." The result of their collaboration is the project that are the hallmarks of emotion, and melody inštrumentálnosť. The songs are soaked melancholic trip-hop and expressionistic side of electronica”