"Fetal Zombie" / Press


EvaMaria Cookie Lucas - #1 Pop charts for Buffalo, NY

“Bobbi Berracah wins Augusta - Texaco (formerly Colgate) Country Showdown 2011!”

“Being a Christian band, we aren't into a lot of the message that a lot of metal bands have, but I must say yours is listenable and interesting, and I swear I heard some positive messages in "Blood to Call my Own"! You are obviously doing good work on your music...”

Mark Lajoie, Living Waters - #1 Christian/Gospel charts for Merrimack, NH

“So dramatic powerful and urgent ! You create a great atmosphere that I almost touch”

“It’s cool…has a Metallica…Sound Garden vibe… ”

Jeremy Sweet - publisher, Smashtrax

“CONGRATULATIONS on making it to IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall on our Home Page !”

Paddy Noonan - founder, IMRadio.com

“I don't normally listen to the really fast stuff because of the vocals but yours are awesome! My brain is melting to this ”

Pharmadelic - #1 Alternative charts for Grand Junction, CO

“Very Unique and creative-dark composing !! ”

“This is incredibly good ! ”

Alex Shtokalko - music director, Abysmal Essence

“Awesome man, love how you used my beats…It’s definitely a very unique kind of music you guys are putting together, congrats on that!! And as always, glad to be of help on drums”

“We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation !”

Veronica - IMRadio.com

“You are the SHANAZUL !!!!!!!”

Stacie B - Fan