The Dead Exs / Press

““An energetic maelstrom of punky, bluesy rock ‘n’ roll””

“The Dead Exs know rock and roll needs to be kept unkempt and muddy.”

"My favourite new band of 2012; what the Black Keys would be if Dan Auerbach didn’t have his head so far up his own ass."

“The Dead Exs Start a Relovolution”

“If you are a fan of Left Lane Cruiser, you will dig this band.”

"Makes you want to jump out of your seat!"

"It's like experiencing Jon Spencer tackling Leadbelly's 'Rock Island Line' while having his demons exorcised."

“While front man David Patillo's guttural growls, high pitched wails and southern slide guitar prowess bring life to their tunes, it is the drumming of Wylie Wirth who summons the power of the gods upon his kit that sustains it.”

“What happens when you take the rawness of Howlin' Wolf, the power of Led Zeppelin and the craftiness of Ray Wylie Hubbard? You get the Dead Exs.”

“The thunderous duo, in the end, are just good mojo that anyone with a pesky ex can appreciate!”

“...where their debut Resurrection left off Relovolution picks up and runs with it. Stick it in your ears!”

“It's the kind of music that gets you pumped; these guys do not let up for a single second and the end result is very easy to listen to several times over.”

“New York City’s own Dead Exs have returned with a brand new collection of Garage-Rockabilly type tunes that would make Bill Haley and Carl Perkins’ mind cave in, and Elvis Presley’s heart stop.”

“The masters of keeping gritty blues and old time rock ‘n roll alive”

“The Dead Exs’ debut album Resurrection will shake you. To the bone. 5 out of 5 stars!”

“Dead Exs resurrect the blues for the alternative crowd”

“The band oozes with raucous, raw rock spirit, which radiates during live shows and possesses an entire room with energy and the need to move uncontrollably.”

“The Dead Exs play it nasty and brilliant.”

“heavyhowlin'muddydirrrtyblues stomped down with rock n' grrravel”

“Together, they have exhumed the sultriness of retro-rock with garage rock intensity on their album “Resurrection”, ”

“The Dead Exs start with a tried-and-true southern blues template and amp it up to 11 with recklessly shuffling rhythms, scorching slide guitar, and cocksure vocals that range from wailing to guttural.”

““The Dead Exs don’t just stand apart from most other rock duos – they stand on the shoulders of them.””

“The best sex you’ve ever had, doubled and split between a drummer and a guitarist!”

“With Wylie’s heavy foot yet subtle knows-the-right-thing-to-do drumming, equated by David with the likes of Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell, David’s funk, soul, and R&B guitar work influenced by his life in the south and Seattle, they’ve got that feeling of greatness and control that could just go wild at any minute. It’s an album where you won’t skip a track, any of the hundred ‘first listens’ you give it.”

“This NYC band is getting a rep quickly, so listen now—before it comes trendy.”

“The Dead Exs play Heavy Distorted Blues Rock with a little Garage/Punk thrown in for the Hell of it.”

“The Dead Exs play some cool Texas style dirty garage blues rock....Check them and get the blues.”

“Resurrection is ten tracks of hard-rockin’, whiskey-soaked ambiance...Believe me when I say that this is definitely worth your time.”

“Pattillo snarls, growls, wails, and screams his way through every song in a way that can provoke the savage soul in any human.”

"They’re loud, they’re raw and at times they’re even sloppy but it’s okay cause that’s what it’s supposed to sound like."

“Sultry slide guitars, devilish distortion, and burning blues...”

“If you want to experience the band at full-pelt, then ‘Trouble In Kind’ more than delivers; throughout a heavily distorted blues workout, Pattillo adopts a very thrashy, almost garage-punk approach to the slide guitar whilst Wirth smashes his kit in a relentless fashion. For what it offers, you’d be hard pushed to find better.”

“I saw The Dead Exs a couple of nights ago at Bowery Electric... they blew the doors off the byatch.”

“The Dead Exs’ debut Resurrection has such an authentic vibe. It’s a vibrant recording, but it also sounds like it could have been released at any time over the last forty years.”

“So when I heard the first note of “More Stuff” by the Dead Exs, I was hooked....The Dead Exs mixes grunge, rock and roll, and blues and adds a hint of that southern twang that tingles your spine.”

“With the current revival of rock music demanding its place among New York City nightlife, The Dead Exs are within the vanguard of this musical re-explosion.”

“You guys seriously melted some faces last night. awesome show!!!!”

Meijin Bruttomesso - The Deli Magazine

“It’s baffling how much sound and energy can come out of a twosome. The Dead Exs play classic rock n’ roll spiked with a little Southern Comfort.”