Fable Cry / Press

“'We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are' is a fun romp through horror tropes.”

“This is a colorful, spooky-fun freak show in the form of a band who promises they always try to put on a show worth seeing.”

“To add to the revelry in the songs, Fable Cry back the introductions and assumptions with audio splashes that cover the canvas of We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are like a Bosch painting as they soundtrack a roller coaster ride through nightmares."”

“Lickety-split, theatrical noir cabaret gives way to roughhewn Irish punk rock, or darker Appalachian-tinged sounds.”

“This record is more than a little bit off-kilter; it’s twisted, bent and sinister, but it carries itself so jauntily and enthusiastically that it’s endearing. The sheer bounciness, the roguish cabaret of it all; there’s a real love and passion in this particular diary of sinister, devilish collection of handsomely extravagant tunes…”

“Their new record is richly arranged, expertly played and well recorded.”

“Fearless originality in the form of a punk rockabilly sound.”

“Sideshow blend of Frankenstein-style lore and roadside Gothicism.”

“Fable Cry attack the songs with aplomb and deliver suitably over the top performances.... Each song a self-contained story detailing betrayal and life’s curious agonies.”

“The band has a flair for the theatrical which you can easily tell from their music..... 'Dead or Alive (For Now)' has a unique spooky vibe reminiscent of film composer Danny Elfman and his 'Nightmare Before Christmas' score. The track really gets into your head and doesn’t want to come out.”

“...one of the most unique and utterly entertaining bands to grace our pages.”

“'We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are' brings the monsters from your childhood stories and nightmares to life."”

"...mirth and mischief oozing from every note."

“Theatrical scamp rockers FABLE CRY are 'delightfully eerie'”

"Their music is almost like the fairy-tales we all know have come to life in all of their splendour, suspense, and darkness."

"If you’re a fan of Danny Elfman or Tom Waits, this [..] is going to be right up your alley! It’s got a delightfully eerie gypsy-esque feel and the instruments playfully accentuate and accent the lyrics."

"Considering how much love the scores and music from the horror genre finds within its fans, it’s surprising that so few musical artists pursue creepier avenues in their work. Surely, the sentiment can be doubled when you think of all the dark source material within horror from which the musically inclined can find inspiration as well. So consider this writer pleased when the opportunity arose to debut a fiendishly wicked track and accompanying music video from the gypsy punk band Fable Cry, and no less with a track inspired by none other than Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN!"

"...one look at the colorful music and costuming of these musicians is more than enough to give substance to the phrase [Theatrical-Scamp-Rock]. Looking like they rolled out of an alternate version of Terry Gilliam’s 'The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus' reimagined by Tim Burton, Fable Cry spin inventive, cabaret-ready yarns that are given life by their palpable musical energy."

"This is a band that brings to life colorful and imagery through their use of cello, violin in addition to an array of non traditional rock instruments. Their vaudevillian style is almost like a fusion of Foxy Shazam, Queen and Danny Elfman and their refreshing sound is quickly garnering a lot of great attention."

"The band’s sound is nothing short of magical; blending gypsy folk rhythms with a heavy atmosphere provided by mostly acoustic instrumentation. What they do is best said within their name. They tell their own fables and cry their narratives by weaving them within their perfectly balanced songs & vaudevillian stage-antics."

"File this one under 'WTF?' and 'YES.' The first time we ever heard of Fable Cry was last night at 8 off 8th, when we caught their set on the homestretch of the night. They set up and tore through their three songs with such gusto and conviction that we turned to our neighbor at the end of the set and said, 'This kind of kicks ass.' Which is not to say Fable Cry isn't out there; they look like something Tim Burton coughed up, and sing like the villain's bit in a vintage Disney movie."

"These guys are doing something fresh, unique, and they stand out among the abyss of musicians and bands in the Nashville area trying to pursue music as a career."

"The juxtaposition of the story telling techniques of Tom Waits and the Eastern European feel of Fable Cry’s music make an interesting contrast. This band is definitely different from the usual. Their shows are supposedly carnivals of fun. Bands like Fable Cry are just what rock and roll needs."

"Without a doubt one of the most unusual music offerings to date."

"There is a vaudeville feel to the music, with Gypsy musical influences that will carry you away to a land where myths and legends are real. Their music is almost like the fairy-tales we all know have come to life in all of their splendour, suspense, and darkness."

"Theatrical scamp rockers FABLE CRY are delightfully eerie."

"Love, love, love the vaudevillian vibe of this Nashville-based 'theatrical scamp rock' quintent known as Fable Cry."

"Fable Cry puts the whimsy back in music"

"Fans of The Dresden Dolls, Tiger Lillies, Luminescent Orchestrii, Vermillion Lies and Vagabond Opera will love Fable Cry."

"I first saw Fable Cry earlier this year, and let me tell you something: If it’s originality you want, you can count on them to be there with bells on. . . literally... Delivering a raucous live experience that includes clapping, foot-stomping, oceanic sound effects, eye patches, and audience participation segments, it’s no wonder Fable Cry is gaining the affection and attention of a growing number of loyal fans and listeners."

"Although they sound like songs that an 8-year-old would dream up after imbibing too much Dimetapp, my horror soon turned to intrigue. Intrigue turned to acceptance. Acceptance transitioned easily into love due to their stellar stage presence and musicianship....The whole time I sat there clapping along ardently with perma-grin."