Watermelon / Press

“Looking for the next MGMT? Watermelon’s neon funk blends classic New York noise like ESG with dynamic call-and-response male/female vocal interplay. The result is Anthony Kiedis falling off the wagon with David Byrne backstage at CBGB in ‘77 before heading over to Max’s for a serious dance party. The pulsing wah-wah guitar of “Go” leaves no questions: Watermelon are here, and they’re ready to get you sweatier than a Le Tigre dance party and a nose full of candy.”

“Can we have some funk? Watermelon has some new funk music that you need to get down to. With some tasty bass and poppin’ drums this band really brings the funk. They have one thing in mind, and that is to make you dance. Playing in the same vein as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and P-Funk (AKA The Parliament Funkadelic, or just plain Parliament), these guys blend rock and funk to make a groovy sound that anyone can dig. Originally from Brooklyn, see Watermelon strut their stuff uptown, downtown, crowned and renowned (as the brilliant Rudy Ray Moore would say) all over NYC. Watermelon just released their self-titled EP and is available for download, so check it out. Now get up and get down with “Go” from their EP.”

“The female lead is the better up-front vocal with great power and control. The male voice is softer but harmonizes well, creating a really rich sound. The instrumentation breathes a bit more and the sounds are livelier. They avoid the trappings of the genre, by branching out a bit into a blues rocker, "Whipping Post" (with a guest guitarist I think--I was way in the back and didn't see the full stage). They also did a cool cover of Led Zeppelin's "What is and What Should Never Be". This is an interesting band that is worth a listen. But if your feet want to move then don't think too hard, just check out their set.”