Rhyme / Press

“I buy you Gucci and Ice, so much you can Sell... Even When You die, i'm sure you gon' freeze Hell”

Mckay - Ghetto Remix

"I control all the drinks call me poisedon, check the horizon, we lyk in 4kin matrix...everybody knocking out lyk they on anaesthetics"

Mckay - Jaiye lo (Main Version)

"Zam Zam, Holy Water, Damn Ma'am... I ain't tryin to touch your Daughter.." "Being Superman to the women and kids i say Alliham dulilahi"

P.M - Jaiye Lo Remix

“Your Body's Hot, Ara mi'n Gbon She Dey Do me Till I beg for more....”

Mr Vosa - Radio Treschville 93.6fm

“Mr Therapist is one of the best Songs i've heard from a Liberian”

Mr Vosa - Radio Interview

“Converting all the pains, agony, memories and hate from the war in Liberia into dis Mixtape....”

Rhyme - Radio Interview

“Drinks on Deck, Why would i lie? I'm Effing this Life, Why would i die?”

Nolan - Jaiye lo Remix

“One of a kind”

Kwase - Liberian Ent'