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FAUST  (about 4 years ago)

Thanks for the support!


FAUST's official
Website: www.deathmetal.it
Facebook: www.facebook.com/faustpgd
MySpace: www.myspace.com/faustband2
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/faust
YouTube: www.youtube.com/faustpgd
E-Store: http://myworld.ebay.it/merch-pgd

The Joy Evelation
The Joy Evelation  (almost 5 years ago)

Thanks!!! We are your way in September. If you need any places to play in Oz let me know.

pinksideofthemoon  (almost 5 years ago)

postive vibes all the way around!

Earth Horse
Earth Horse  (about 5 years ago)

Wow, you guys collect wicked bands like batman cards! Keep a rockin'! MrF.

Electric Druids
Electric Druids  (about 5 years ago)

Thanks for the support, much appreciated!! Cheers!

THE MEASURE  (over 5 years ago)

Showing some love from the Northwest! :Kiah: www.aclearmind.net

Melodramus  (almost 6 years ago)

You are AWESOME!!!

TRAXIS  (about 6 years ago)

HGR is a member in good standing with the RRA (Righteous Rockers of America) and is now %100 TRAXIS Approved and Endorsed. Semper Fi ~ FREDDY B (Guitar/Vocals TRAXIS)

Autumn Eclipse
Autumn Eclipse  (over 6 years ago)

Thats awesome you have our touring schedule on here thats sweet now we just gotta get an out of state venue to give us a chance to blow their patrons minds ah ah ahh

-Sir Bugaboo-

Missing Method
Missing Method  (over 6 years ago)

We are very glad you like our songs. We appreciate the support.