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Justin Begegeht Guthrie
Justin Begegeht Guthrie  (over 4 years ago)

Roy Q Rector
We're looking to book shows for the A&M Theatre within the next month and both or your groups sound great! Our venue is located in Downtown Panama City at 563 Harrison Ave and our capacity is 90. We would be charging at the door and each band/artist would receive $1 per person in attendance. We have a beer/wine license and ALL BANDS/ARTISTS DRINK BEER FREE! We are approaching the date quickly, so please email me with any questions/concerns you may have. You can contact us with your availability if you're interested at artnmusictheatre@gmail.com or by calling Justin at 850/628-7570 or Jesse at 850/890-8993.

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Helios Decent
Helios Decent  (almost 5 years ago)

Hey, this is Aaron.
You had called me earlier today concerning my Craigslist add.I spoke to one of the members of haritage and told him a little bit bout myself.
I am 21, I have played guitar for 13+ years. I own 2 guitars(custom Agile 7 string and an Ltd Eclipse 6 string) with an Ibanez Tone Blaster full stack and my Line 6 Floor Pod Plus effects processor. I primarily play the heavier and more technical type of music, but I am HIGHLY influenced my jazz, funk, blues and some country. I noticed that Heritage mainly use acoustic guitars in thier music, and sadly I do not own one anymore...so I hope that isn't an issue with auditioning. I am in Kentucky right now visiting family, but I will be back on the 27th and I can meet up with you and the band then if that is what you want.
also, if you want to hear some of my earlier recordings, go to YouTube and search MegaBurcham. You should find 14 videos of my heavier stuff, but just so you know that is not all I know how to play, and I am a quick learner.

Thanks for the call.
Aaron Burcham