The Flooding / Comments

White Noise Hypocrisy
White Noise Hypocrisy  (over 6 years ago)
Love the metal and progressive fusion you have going on. Very high energy and very tight! Love it. Cheers!
WhyLd Manah
WhyLd Manah  (over 6 years ago)
Thanks for the add, W
CADAVER  (over 6 years ago)
WOW!!this is fucking some!! hats off !
Final Throws 最後拋出
Final Throws 最後拋出  (over 6 years ago)
Love it! Fucking awesome!! jazz metal
Justin Langston
Justin Langston  (over 6 years ago)
Good luck with your music , I enjoyed my visit and like what I heard. Justin Langston Midland, Tx
Farzad Golpayegani
Farzad Golpayegani  (over 6 years ago)
nice progressive tunes, keep it up..
Televators  (over 6 years ago)
Very cool fusion. Dig it!
Funkowl  (over 6 years ago)
Helios Decent
Helios Decent  (over 6 years ago)
I catch a thick Opeth vibe off of you guys. Digging Skin Castle. Keep it up!!!
High Road Music
High Road Music  (over 6 years ago)
Cool Videos. Nice work.