Themis Nakas
Themis Nakas  (about 5 years ago)
One mistake is a great tune! \m/
Zeus Rooster
Zeus Rooster  (about 5 years ago)
Fan-effing-tastic! Love the melodic vocals you can actually understand, guitars that crunch when it's called for, and clean when needed, and a rock solid rhythem section. The world needs more metal like this!!!
HATE STORM ANNIHILATION  (about 5 years ago)
Hails from Chicago. Keep it Brutal \m/
pinksideofthemoon  (about 5 years ago)
"twisted and broken" awesome metal vocals and a band to boot! shaking us up in southern california
TURE'E  (about 5 years ago)
Great Metal
The Electric Era
The Electric Era  (about 5 years ago)
great classic metal, enjoyed this
Ancient Spell
Ancient Spell  (about 5 years ago)
Kick ass!
Darkened Souls
Darkened Souls  (about 5 years ago)
Sounds great!
Floating Worlds
Floating Worlds  (about 5 years ago)
Hi guys and thanks for your friendship! Great songs, great metal vocals too ;-) Wishing you all the "metal" from Greece \m/
Natalia Palacios
Natalia Palacios  (about 5 years ago)
Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo. Potentes pistas !!!! Todo lo mejor para vuestra música. Besos desde España. Natalia