The Mad Pride / Comments

Lina Daft
Lina Daft  (over 5 years ago)
Awesome music! <3
Molly CoddleCream
Molly CoddleCream  (over 5 years ago)
just such great music, its great to be back on Reverb to hear such quality, style and talent, thanks Molly
Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (over 5 years ago)
You know I love the vibe to your tunes Rowan ~ Hauntingly sublime ~ Hoping all's well, Andrew
Tracy Quinn O'Brien
Tracy Quinn O'Brien  (over 5 years ago)
Wondrous and Atmospheric Songs here. Especially Malice. Great stuff. Cheers from Denver. T.
Fiona MacMahon
Fiona MacMahon  (over 5 years ago)
Stopping by to play 'Malice', it's always a real pleasure listening to your music :)
Frankie O'Rourke
Frankie O'Rourke  (almost 6 years ago)
Love the depth of the music and lyrics, and absolutely spot on performance in Malice. All the best to you ~ Frankie
JJoolz  (almost 6 years ago)
Lovin your unique sounds in Scotland, especially "Berserkergang". I'll be back for lots more :-)
Tone Lord
Tone Lord  (almost 6 years ago)
bio is true, very spooky and deep. Thanks for putting out songs I can get into.
Aletha France
Aletha France  (almost 6 years ago)
Out to Sea grabbed me from the moment it started. Love the voice! Kind of reminds me of The Cult. Haunting and beautiful.
Sills & Smith
Sills & Smith  (almost 6 years ago)
History Books is an astonishing example of stellar songcraft. Great. Frank Smith