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Wings of Apollo
Wings of Apollo  (over 4 years ago)

Way to go, keep it up!

Outpatient  (over 4 years ago)

Totally AWESOME MUSIC! A lot of TUDE and ENERGY!

Bobby McIntyre
Bobby McIntyre  (over 4 years ago)

I am here to support your music, thank your for sharing your art.God bless

Tha Wreking Ball
Tha Wreking Ball  (over 4 years ago)

...and by "Execute me" I meant "Eviscerate Me". LOL, my bad.

Tha Wreking Ball
Tha Wreking Ball  (over 4 years ago)

What up Audio Martyr! Thanks for checkin me out! I appreciate it. Very good music y'all got man. I can get into it. Especially the vibe on Execute Me, but I think my fav was City on the edge. Very clean production and mixes as well. Keep up the good work.
Love and peace,

Unique' AngEL
Unique' AngEL  (over 4 years ago)

Very unique sound!!!

Chaotic Resolve
Chaotic Resolve  (over 4 years ago)

Nice work!

Rick Guthier
Rick Guthier  (over 4 years ago)

Buen sonido felicidades

The Original Room
The Original Room  (over 4 years ago)

Thanks for being our fan, we appreciate it! Keep up the good work.
-The OR

Con-Man  (over 4 years ago)

Thanx for the support! "Eviscerate Me" jams hard