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Dan Jewell
Dan Jewell  (almost 6 years ago)

Gypsy boots kicks butt. amazing tuneage from the jennerater.. click play all...

Donnie Stovall
Donnie Stovall  (almost 6 years ago)

Great Sound,Great Voice!!!!
Donnie Stovall

Bobby G. Songs
Bobby G. Songs  (almost 6 years ago)

GREAT VOCALS! You go girl..! Yehhaww!

Gary Worley
Gary Worley  (almost 6 years ago)

Back for another listen!!!! Great Work!!!!

Roger Huisinga
Roger Huisinga  (almost 6 years ago)

Beautiful Voice!

Star review
Star review  (almost 6 years ago)

Excellent voice,i see you may record a duet with hank? that would be superb!! really enjoyed your music!

Bonnie McGill
Bonnie McGill  (almost 6 years ago)

Hi again Thanks for the nice comment Just playing On Down The Line. Great job on that one too. I just put 2 new songs on today done in Nashville Daddy's House and A Thousand Things if you'd like to check them out sometime. Wish we lived closer maybe we could do a show sometime. Take care, your friend, Bonnie.

BATTLE MAIDEN  (almost 6 years ago)

««« Love your vocals...Awesome tracks! The best to you here on REVERBNATION….BATTLE MAIDEN MUSIC….MAUDE /JOE/SCOTT/PAT »»»

Julie Farmer Stein
Julie Farmer Stein  (almost 6 years ago)

My beautiful sister with an amazing voice, keep it up!

ymdemulder  (almost 6 years ago)

"what I really meant to say"...beautiful sound and lyrics :)