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HAMAISHA  (almost 4 years ago)

Thank you Dragonrider, we are doing our best to Keep Metal Alive \m/.

Dragonrider  (almost 4 years ago)

You Guys are Amazing. \m/
All the best for you, Keep ROCKING and Stay METAL.

Susan Kavanagh Ali
Susan Kavanagh Ali  (about 4 years ago)

Thanks!! Really appreciate the feedback and honesty!! Still more to come yet!! Keep Rockin and invite more fans!! Download and half of the donation will go to Oxfam America... Thanks for your support!!

Wretched Invention
Wretched Invention  (almost 5 years ago)

Diggin the song" Forever"..Lookin forward to hearing more..Keep Rockin..JR..Wretched Invention

Marion Anthony
Marion Anthony  (over 6 years ago)

You guys are awesome..love you