Blue Moon Harem / Comments

Psychle Studio
Psychle Studio  (4 months ago)
You guys rock! Powerful, melodic, and very fun to listen to. Great Talent!
guy melanson
guy melanson  (4 months ago)
Listened to your song. The compositions, the performance and the production is amazing. Loved it!
Chris Liebig
Chris Liebig  (4 months ago)
Love your sound and punch - yeah!!
The WorkShop Studio & Micro-Brewery
The WorkShop Studio & Micro-Brewery  (4 months ago)
Love your sound!
Hamid Ebrahimi
Hamid Ebrahimi  (4 months ago)
I enjoyed your music you have the powerful voice
MASC  (4 months ago)
Great stuff, really like the song Lie
Mai'Khi C'Nia
Mai'Khi C'Nia  (4 months ago)
Enjoyed listening to Stay. Will be back for the rest. Good luck with the new CD.
Royce Diamond
Royce Diamond  (4 months ago)
Great lyrics.
Agung Weka
Agung Weka  (4 months ago)
Love stay.. really enjoy the great compostion
mac of the tracs
mac of the tracs  (4 months ago)
love that lie