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Jay P Lindsey
Jay P Lindsey  (4 months ago)

You guys are hot as hell! Everything about it sounds great, a real enjoyment, Thanks!
Jay P Lindsey

DONNie  (4 months ago)

Loving the production here guys - Lie is a great tune! Best wishes from Edinburgh, UK - DONNie

Miche'ail  (4 months ago)

When Bands become fans I find it really flattering because it just means that a group of talented individuals appreciate my work and it's technically more than just one person and I agree with Jennifer Lie is Fire!!!

Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (4 months ago)

Enjoying your wonderful music ; )

Jennifer Graham - Song Writer
Jennifer Graham - Song Writer  (4 months ago)


SiK  (4 months ago)

Amazing music. Definetly radio quality. Keep it up!

Mavka  (4 months ago)

Very stylish music with solid vocals. Cheers!

The Starlight Blue
The Starlight Blue  (4 months ago)

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Joe Tackett
Joe Tackett  (4 months ago)

Truly creative, emotional music with original thoughts and musicianship. Excellent production and arrangements.

Well done!

Drew Allison
Drew Allison  (4 months ago)

WOW!! Great musician c here!!