GMSH Live East
GMSH Live East  (about 1 month ago)
What’s Up Family. The 10th Annual Get Money Stop Hatin Tour is producing a 15 City Tour through the South this March-April. We have four Florida stops in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami on Mar 30th through April 6th. If you want to hit the stage, we put the same system in place where you don’t have to pay any performance fees. And you can get paid off the people you bring out as well. Visit GMSHLocal(dot)com or call 818-723-0847 for specifics. God bless.
Strictly Hip-Hop Promo
Strictly Hip-Hop Promo  (5 months ago)
keep dat work up fam
ELZINTHEFLESH  (4 months ago)
YO respect!
GMSH Live East
GMSH Live East  (8 months ago)
What’s Up. The 9th Annual GMSH Tour will be hosting a 15 Date Run through the Midwest this Sept. We'll be producing events in 12 different states. If you want to perform, Visit GetMoneyStopHatin(dot)com or call 401-699-2002 for details. God bless.
Jess J Jones
Jess J Jones  (9 months ago)
What’s Up, You most likely know me as the founder of the GMSH Tour. We're now offering Record Label Development Deals to people focused on bossing up in this industry. We cover everything from filing all the proper paperwork to be certified, to sponsorship proposals to secure investors, marketing plans, recording contracts, management agreements, etc. I've been in this game for fourteen years, and this is the best thing we've ever offered. And it's only 150 dollars. Call 401-699-2002 for details. Or you can go to RecordLabelDeal(dot)com to secure the deal you've been waiting for. Type GMSH in the promo code box to get a discount, 2 free ebooks, and more. I'm (at)JessJJones on IG, FB, & Twitter if you'd like to make sure I am legit. God bless.
Jess J
Jess J  (11 months ago)
What’s Up, I'm the founder of GMSH Live. This is my 2nd time reaching out. about the concert we're producing in Miami Beach May 28 for Memorial Day Weekend. If you want to hit the stage, we have a system in place where you don’t have to pay any performance fees. And you can get paid as well. visit GMSHLocal(dot)com or call 317-809-8208 for specifics. God bless.
Jayali  (about 1 year ago)
Hey, this is Jayali official host of #GMSHLIVE. We're producing four concerts in ATX March 11th-17th w/ Dorrough, Lil Flip, Shanell SNL (YMCMB) and D Woods (Danity Kane) during the largest music festival in the country. If you want to hit the stage, call 818-723-0847/317-809-8208 or visit GMSHLive(dot)com for specifics. Even if you can't make it to Texas for the concerts, the website has some incredible promotion packages that every serious artist should look at. Stay Blessed.
Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (about 1 year ago)
Happy 2017! Cheers!!! Success!!!
Ify Otuya
Ify Otuya  (over 2 years ago)
Loving the sounds fam! Let's stay in touch via Twitter as well? Follow my fan base on Twitter via @IfyOtuyaFandom and they'll follow u right back! They generally promote my music, content and movement. Keep up the dope work fam xx
troydnduffy52  (over 3 years ago)
Want a feature with Juicy J? Eminem? Visit mydreamcollab.com
Amanda Pollard
Amanda Pollard  (over 3 years ago)
popped in to enjoy your music