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Jamie Parsons
Jamie Parsons  (4 months ago)

Nice chops, sweet voicings, good tunes! Love the 5/4 meter in "Diamond Edge" Sophisticated vocals!

The Luv Daleks 2 - Test Pilot Page
The Luv Daleks 2 - Test Pilot Page  (4 months ago)

Diamond Edged - Thumbs Up - Smooth & Cool

Michael  (4 months ago)

thanks for the wonderful musical lyrical ride

Glacial-Wind  (4 months ago)

Enjoying the visit to your page, again... Keep 'em coming!

Celeste Prince
Celeste Prince  (4 months ago)

Loving your sound today!
Keep it going!

Rose Hawley
Rose Hawley  (5 months ago)

Beautiful texture, beautiful composition. Really enjoyed it!

Emulous Recording Studio
Emulous Recording Studio  (5 months ago)

I love your music. I could listen to this all day.

Christopher Morse, Songwriter
Christopher Morse, Songwriter  (5 months ago)

Thank you! Please feel free to listen as long as you like.

Rosette Cribben
Rosette Cribben  (5 months ago)

Enjoyed tuning in and having a listen to your lovely music.x

John Ostertag
John Ostertag  (5 months ago)

thanks for being a fan

poolside syndicate
poolside syndicate  (5 months ago)