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THE WORKERS  (3 months ago)
Broken-Solid arena rock tune. ;-D
Oxaï Roura
Oxaï Roura  (3 months ago)
Broken is a Good Energizing Song...and your Visual is Cool ! All the Best ! Cheers From France !
Paul Louis Stimson
Paul Louis Stimson  (3 months ago)
sounds great , love the bass guitar sound.
Eric Degenaar
Eric Degenaar  (3 months ago)
Sounds really good !
Uitgekafferd?!  (3 months ago)
Good solid rock, enjoyed listening!
Junkscape  (4 months ago)
''Broken'' cool bass sound and riffs!!
Diaroots  (4 months ago)
Great rocking music , love it.
Don Bouyear
Don Bouyear  (4 months ago)
Good job guys. enjoyed my visit. Best Wishes
Black Rose Reception
Black Rose Reception  (4 months ago)
Awesome Musicianship
"30 Coupe" Band
"30 Coupe" Band  (4 months ago)
Great sound and big energy guys. Keep rockin'