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Alfonse Capone
Alfonse Capone  (2 days ago)

What do you do. Good song...deep subject matter

Acarrillof  (4 days ago)


Tom Riccardi
Tom Riccardi  (21 days ago)

Blessings and light, awesome message!!!

LampStand Music
LampStand Music  (about 1 month ago)

Praise God! Blessings from Phoenix

John Castellain
John Castellain  (2 months ago)

Enjoyed "Push It" Garry,mixed up the musical genres well :-) BTW I noticed the "Arc Of The Covenant",scientists replicated one and it turned out to be a big capacitor capable of killing anyone who 'earthed' one of the conductors(wings) on the lid.As it did in bible times.

Whisper Behind the Light
Whisper Behind the Light  (3 months ago)

Listening to "Star Man" and I like your take and performance. The output seems a bit overdriven but that may be an artistic choice on purpose. I like the work, keep it up. I wish good things for you.

COSTON!  (3 months ago)

Thanks WBTL. I love STAR MAN as well. No, to be honest, its called mastering inexperience; but if anyone is interested in these songs, they will correct everything (if they see potential and want them). If u know anyone, let me know. Thanks again, and I intensely love what you are doing; keep up the awesome work. Wish stellar things for you as well. GBWY.

Bonnie McCallum Solo Artist
Bonnie McCallum Solo Artist  (3 months ago)

Fantastic! x

COSTON!  (3 months ago)

Thanks Bonnie, and so are you. If u really like, please share the music and pass around, and I'll try and do the same for u. Thanks again. I love your music!

PartyCull  (3 months ago)

Great stuff! Love it! Stay Gold and keep on keeping on comrade. x

COSTON!  (3 months ago)

Thank you comrade; and your stuff is great as well...I took some listens and I am definitely a fan. If u can or have time, pass my stuff around and I'll do the same for you as well. Thanks again.

Tim Soucy
Tim Soucy  (3 months ago)

Awesome job on the versatile tunes. Thanks for sharing

COSTON!  (3 months ago)

Thanks much Tim; I need better equipment (up to date) so I can do better with mix down and mastering, or, I need to invest (when money comes) in mastering equipment or software. I see you are versatile as well; keep up the super awesome work and I am definitely a fan. Maybe we can collaborate one day soon. Thanks again.

Quintessential  (3 months ago)

Great Music!

COSTON!  (3 months ago)

Your music is also great. I enjoy listening to others as well; all of what I've heard on REVERB is awesome and I am praying and wishing for the best, and for all of our dreams to come true musically. Stay into what you are doing; you guys are GREAT. Thanks for the pat on the back...WE TRY HARD AT AVIS!