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Shanna Underwood and Wanderlost
Shanna Underwood and Wanderlost  (almost 7 years ago)
Thanks for the message! It was great to talk to you. Not only a great songwriter, but a true gentleman. See you around Nashville!
Mark Buerschaper
Mark Buerschaper  (almost 7 years ago)
Shanna, Thank you for your kind words. Mark
Ricky Ray Band
Ricky Ray Band  (almost 7 years ago)
dropped and glad I did,,,,these are great songs,,,,you Nashville guys!!!! You all play better guitar than I will!!!!
Yonas Prayudhi
Yonas Prayudhi  (almost 7 years ago)
Love "Who Da Baby Daddy?" ^^
Jeffrey Whitman
Jeffrey Whitman  (almost 7 years ago)
Hey Mark ! "Thank You" ! Listening to "Daddy" ! Great sense of humor, love the mandolin !
Danny Green
Danny Green  (almost 7 years ago)
Alternative / Folk Rock / Blues-How can you go wrong with this!!!!Luv what your doing:)
Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (almost 7 years ago)
Liking Deja Snooze Mark! Hoping all's well, Andrew
Tom Balek
Tom Balek  (almost 7 years ago)
Really good songwriting, brother! I like "Deja Snooze", cool riffs and catchy as hell. Props from Montana - Tom
Deyan  (almost 7 years ago)
hey man, its lovely! i relly like it! cheers!
Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (almost 7 years ago)
Something quite gripping about your voice & songs Mark....am really enjoying!! Andrew
Two Purple Pigs
Two Purple Pigs  (about 7 years ago)
Really quite cool, Mark! We're diggin your tunes in Manchester,TN!