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Marasmus  (almost 7 years ago)
Can't wait to kill the Riot Room with you guys On June 22nd.
DENY YOUR DECEIVER  (almost 7 years ago)
You guys are tough!!! We should play some shows together! hit us up any time!
Weird Beast
Weird Beast  (about 7 years ago)
No Life 'Til Metal!
Fateful Strike
Fateful Strike  (about 7 years ago)
Thanks for the comment, you guys rock hard!
Adriatic  (about 7 years ago)
had a listen to illusions dudes.. love the riff @ 1:30.. was waiting for it to breakdown in a slower halftime feel though.. cool triplets at 2:30. i feel like a solo should come in there.. all in all, great writing.. these are just my opinions and theres absolutelty nothing wrong with your track.. just commenting as a fellow songwriter,... cheers for listening to us Mike Adriatic.
Hate For 1
Hate For 1  (over 7 years ago)
u guy r awesome!!!!
Hate For 1
Hate For 1  (over 7 years ago)
u guy r awesome!!!!
IDOLS  (over 7 years ago)
Thanks alot! Totally apreciate the kind words. Just so you know, we're writing a full length as we speak so get ready for new songs soon!