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Jean's Music  (over 5 years ago)

Jean Sudbury is an artist; a musician who lives in Sierra Madre, California. Her artistry is clearly expressed through her music, photography and her garden. A professional violinist and mandolinist, her music has supported her since 1975, the year she arrived in Los Angeles. So very young and inexperienced, she was determined to make her statement in the big city, and not let anything or anyone get in her way. Her statement was that true artistry is the most honest form of communication, and anyone will understand and accept you if your artistry is unique, yet flexible; not a facsimile of someone else’s mastery. Jean’s artistic statement remains the same after many years and a most interesting range of experience.
An artist travels a fine line between making money and making a statement which affects observers on varied levels, perhaps inspiring the individual to achieve a higher level of thought, of communication, just for a moment. Through her music, often inspired by nature, Jean communicates the flow of life which stimulates humans, plants and animals to keep on moving forward. This flow can be defined in numerous ways. Jean illustrates the flow with her music, striving to share joy with others through her music.
As a true life student of the mastery of music, Jean is thankful to have studied, worked, performed and recorded with some of the world’s greatest musicians, many of them alive today. Others have passed on leaving treasured musical memories and motifs to share. Many of the wonderful composers and performers of history have influenced Jean’s musical sense and their compositions have broadened her awareness of styles of music from across the globe and from eons past. That explains why she wandered through her cactus garden one sunny summer morning and was inspired to write a piece called ‘’Impromptu’’ which is a French Beguine with a smooth, chromatic melody. This piece works well as a solo, a duo for violin and guitar, a violin and cello duo, and as a mandolin ensemble piece, or a new combination yet to be discovered. Jean treasures the moments when she hands another musician a copy of her written music and hears the new dimensions in which her music is taken by another artist.
Jean wrote a Tango for her cat, ‘’Darla,’’ with tremolo because Darla loves to purr, and an impish counter melody, because it fits her Tabby personality. A quirky Tango called ‘’Stapellia Grandiflora’’ describes an unusually beautiful autumn blooming flower which attracts ants and flies with its darkly musty odor. A lazy 2 step swing tune called “Daisy’’ might inspire a listener to sway with the breeze. This piece was originally written with solo mandolin in mind. It is sweet as a violin piece with mandolin ensemble accompaniment. Jean’s most recent composition is a sultry psaltery scherzo.
Jean has a very creative photography collection for sale at jsmusic@redbubble.com. It could be said that her music inspires her garden to grow and her garden, and other natural phenomena, inspires her music to progress. A nice combination, wouldn’t you say?
People ask what style of music Jean Sudbury plays. It is a bit indefinable because of the varied influences. Maybe we can call it ‘’Garden Museart.’’ That is a fitting description. As gardens grow and change, so does Jean’s music. Other creative artists, with whom she is fortunate to share her music and theirs, add their touch and help her music grow and develop into new works.
This is Jean’s Music.