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Bob Hausler
Bob Hausler  (6 days ago)

Good morning Laney. Enjoying an early morning listen to your beautiful music. It touches my soul. Thank you for sharing.

Mitch Marcoulier
Mitch Marcoulier  (7 days ago)

So Lonesome For You, So Beautifully done! Cheers, Mitch

K. C. Beckmann
K. C. Beckmann  (8 days ago)

Your page is always an outstanding place to visit! So
many spectacular songs, each a stellar performance! Have a great day! Best wishes!

"da boi" derinho
"da boi" derinho  (8 days ago)

master class time again!!! love your voices... and your songs... your huge fan, and good bud, da boi d

David Havilland
David Havilland  (9 days ago)

Outstanding duo and songs !

PAUL DUNN - SONGWRITER  (9 days ago)

Excellent vocals in tight harmony and top notch musicianship. This duo get everything right!

Gottwald  (9 days ago)

Wonderful voices in contact !

K. C. Beckmann
K. C. Beckmann  (9 days ago)

Listening to your exceptionally well performed music this morning! Delightful songs! Always enjoy visiting your page! Have a great day! Best wishes!

Zel Florizel
Zel Florizel  (9 days ago)

Back forr listening more!

Heleana Maria
Heleana Maria  (10 days ago)

Hi Laney listening and dancing and singing to your top three baby Adrianna and me!
Peace and safekeeping