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Chuck Brunicardi
Chuck Brunicardi  (almost 5 years ago)
"Heaven Sent" creative work Geoff. Smooth vocals, beat and sweetening! All the best...
John Kearns & "The Buzz Band"
John Kearns & "The Buzz Band"  (about 5 years ago)
Checked out all your songs. Great vocal range" Smooth and cool like and ice mint. With nice warm undertones as well. Great stuff Geoff "Kudos to you my friend" Cheers John
Geoff Mills
Geoff Mills  (about 5 years ago)
Thanks John!
Higher Vision ~ Yrral Mallik AKA Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN)  ~ Songwriter
Higher Vision ~ Yrral Mallik AKA Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN) ~ Songwriter  (about 5 years ago)
Heaven Sent ~ Enjoyed Da Listen.Me Likes.Your R.N.Bro.(~;Yrral Mallik of Songramp aka Larry Gordon Killam of Facebook Group Songwriters Unite over 1900 members;~)
Geoff Mills
Geoff Mills  (almost 8 years ago)
What if? What if? What if? How many times have you asked yourself this question in the negative? The inner voice telling you you're not good enough, adequate enough or deserving enough for something better. "What ifs" can sink your world into a life of anxiety and depression if you allow them to control you, and if you fall to the belief that you are your feelings. You are neither your feelings nor your thoughts, but instead a center of consciousness that has the choice to be guided by them or to observe and guide them. You can turn those negatives into positives by realizing the chatter within does not control you but can be controlled by you. Some overly simplistic examples that may shed some light of realization: If you are feeling nervous about a test or event, you know that with some studied effort or some practice you can gain control, focus and then overcome the situation. Does that then mean however that because you "felt" that way at that time that you are a nervous person always? Of course not, because you are NOT your feelings. Or what if you are “feeling” sad or depressed? Does this mean for your entire life you are simply a sad or depressed person because you “feel” that way now? Of course not! You have most likely experienced happiness, anger, joy, love and a multitude of other feelings at some point, so therefore you are NOT your feelings, they are simply are part of your existence. Or perhaps you may "think" that you are not good enough to be accepted or cared about? Have you not been cared about before? Have you never been accepted by anyone your entire life? Of course not! Does that mean that because you “thought” that, that you are incapable of such love or acceptance? Again of course not, because you are NOT your thoughts. You ARE however, the consciousness at the center of you and you can direct and guide your feelings and thoughts, and then your life, once you see fit to realize this and take the time to learn to observe your thoughts and feelings; to understand and direct them. You have the ability and strength to determine your outcome and place. Learn to observe your mind chatter so you can decide for yourself what you will be or what you will allow to control you. Meditation is great source and teacher for understanding you, for slowing down the constant voices within and realizing the chatter can be turned from a negative to a positive. Be what you are capable of being. – Peace :)