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msjerrilorell  (5 months ago)

So talented!!!! :)

Suzanne Brooks, The Jazz Generation
Suzanne Brooks, The Jazz Generation  (5 months ago)

Greetings N.B.
I enjoyed the message of What's Going On? Very much needed and on time today. In Drinks On Me, I really listened to your voice. I would enjoy hearing you sing more ballads. I think your voice is great for singing them with an original sound. I have visited Nashville in the past for vocal lessons with Chris Beatty, "The Vocal Coach." He is one of the best vocal coaches in the country; he used to be with Chicago opera. He works with a lot of gospel choirs. The best coach is Seth Riggs in LA--who has over 200 Grammy winners among his clients, including Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, James Ingram & Luther Vandross. Check out their websites. I still use the throat spray sold by Chris Beatty. Most vocalists make the mistake of thinking they don't need training. No musican would think that. Among the things they teach is how to preserve your voice through the years. I also trained with Bobby McPherson, the greatest immprovisationalist. Hope you're also writing as many of your own songs as possible. These things will make you more unique and reduce the ability of studios, etc. of erxploitation. Best wishes. Suzanne

billy freeze
billy freeze  (5 months ago)

I'm on my third listen to your title track , the breaks are great , voice right there , its an awesome song , perfect , melody ... everything man . It's a gift from somewhere to you . I hope you get there.

Lasvegaz  (5 months ago)

Stopped by to show our love and support.

Krusaphixxx  (5 months ago)

Super dope homie go in H.A.M for real!!!!!

Sticky  (5 months ago)

Drinks On Me is a good combination of Rap and melodic music put together well. I like it.

ad8  (5 months ago)

drinks o m - dope track '

SCOTT NOVAK  (5 months ago)

Sounds good N.B. if you ever want to add a Modern Rock vocal let me know. Peace Scott

Do It Again
Do It Again  (5 months ago)

Hey N.B. small world. I just got back from Nashville. Spent an evening on Broadway. Awesome time. Love that scene.

Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (6 months ago)

Cheers!!! Success!!!