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XLR8ER  (almost 6 years ago)
Sounds great nice
Lunar Dusk
Lunar Dusk  (over 6 years ago)
Hi Scary Tales, Fantastic sound, blend of styles and rawkin' attitude ya got there my friends, keep up the good work, and my best wishes to you for a truly wonderful 2012! Peace, love & respect, Aerial
MYZAGA  (over 6 years ago)
R.D. Miller
R.D. Miller  (over 6 years ago)
Love the new song Scary! Chorus is very ethereal.
Jerry Boutot
Jerry Boutot  (over 6 years ago)
Thanks for the feedback! Happy New Year!
IANDSON  (over 6 years ago)
While listening to your music again, wishing the best to you and your great composition. Best luck and millions of fans. A&P, I&SON.
Vita em Mortem
Vita em Mortem  (about 7 years ago)
i listen you stuff, like me so very much, very refresh, good luck friends "Skiing in Vienna" talk to Mexico? i understand this, like me song, greetings.
Eric S.
Eric S.  (over 7 years ago)
Your lucky brother.........YOU GOT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!..........:D I tried to get out as well....................didn't happen, tried to get a transfer through work to get up to Maine but.......that got squashed.........oh well, some call it life eh? Have a great weekend J!!!!!!!
Eric S.
Eric S.  (over 7 years ago)
Hey Jerry!!!! GREAT GREAT STUFF MAN!!!! Light and airy,fantastic writing,synth/gtr work as well! I'm working through your collection as we speak, keep up the great work!!
Ritual of the Boar
Ritual of the Boar  (over 7 years ago)
Great great stuff for a one man op. Tight, inventive, and rocking out!! \oo/
Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter
Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter  (over 7 years ago)
Terrific tracks and sound…I enjoyed visiting your site….All the best for continued success on Reverbnation and in all of your musical pursuits….Pat B.