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J-Luv Da Prince
J-Luv Da Prince  (almost 6 years ago)

Tight songs. U got my respect no doubt. If u have time check the page out. Got some fire tunes that i want u to hear! Thanx and i'll c u at tha top soon!!!!!

Aria Arvan ария
Aria Arvan ария  (over 6 years ago)

UCY is a true & real great hip hop band yeah man u two are the best!!

Great & unique music here we enjoyed it.

We fanned you, joined your mailing list & joined your street team and just clicked on all buttons on ur page, SO we would really appreciate if you do the same thing in return.

We also are looking forward to seeing you on Facebook. You can find it on Aria Arvann RN page!

Aria team admins send you love fro Houston, TX. Peace!